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This Web-Community is designed for sites that have a plethora of Anime Fan-Fiction. Crossovers, AU, AH, AR, OOC, Yaoi, Yuri, Original Characters, etc. Welcome to the Sanctuary, where your Fan-Fiction is listed with like sites!

Shards of Dewprism
A highly animated site with character info, images, gifs, midis, fan fiction, poetry and etc. about Threads of Fate, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Weiss Kreuz, Gundam Wing, Fushigi Yuugi, Rurouni ...

The Trent Faction
The Trent Faction bcommunitys together anime and Nine Inch Nails enthusiasts with a collection of anime fanfiction and fanart produced under the influence of NIN. Emphasis is on Gundam Wing but other anime ...

Dork & Spaz Productions
It's anime fusion crossover fanfiction taking place in a mostly Star Trek universe...

In With Ein
A Cowboy Bebop fafic site that needs stories to host!

The Black Swan
The Black Swan is a site dedicated to Gundam Wing's fly femme fatale, Dorothy Catalonia! It holds GIFS, pics, fanfics, and just about everything you should expect from a true Dorothy fan!!!

YuYutopia9,Hiei's True Home
YuYutopia9 is a site dedicated to Yu Yu Hakusho and Team Chaos.We showcase the YYH fan art and fan fiction of Leviatha9.There is a forum,voting poll,character shrines,image gallery,and MUCH more! NOT your ...