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Knitting enthusiast. ;) Check out my blog, if you love knitting too!

The Noble Art of Fucking Things Up
Fyra delar duglig husfru. Sex delar hopplös latmask.

I like to knit, read and cook, and take pictures of it.

About all my experiences with yarn. And some of the other stuff, that fill my life.

Gullklump sin blogg
This is a blogg mainley about my hobbyes-but also some about my life!

neuleita ja muuta hösäämistä

Lilleducks sirkler, circles of my life
I\'m a norvegian girl who loves knitting and spinning and a lot of other hobbies. Come see what I make!

Cyn's Knits 'n Stuff
Parts of my life and knitting projects shared for all to see.

Räta och Aviga Händelser Knit and Purl Happenings
Stickning när det är som trevligast, dvs när man slipper sticka för överlevnad....

Susannan käsityöt
knitting and other crafts. Mostly knitting because of my bad yarn addiction :)

Puikot heiluu ja netti laulaa
Knitting blog in finnish.


Villikanin lokikirja
Tal och bilder av mitt vardagsliv. Tyvärr bara på finska.

Kate's koselige sider
Knitting, crocheting, sewing and the small things of life

Stickor och stygn
På sidorna kommer jag att skriva om stickning, quilt, broderi och allehanda andra hantverk.


Mainly about knitting but also about other hand works and "arts"

My Craft Blog
My blog about crafts and other things in my life.

Elisabeths verden
My blog is most about knitting, but sometimes I put up some pictures of my kids and happenings in real life....

Bittan touhut
Mum of three, enthusiastic knitter, crocheter and constant visitor of fleamarkets! Born again Christian who wants to live acoording to God´s will.

Dorthes Hobby
Min blog om garn, strik, hækle, træf, hygge, og kort hvor jeg anvender forskellige teknikker som f.eks. 3D, punch og embossing. Ind i mellem vil der også være lidt snik snak fra hverdagen. Opdateres løbende ...

Blogg om maskinstickning, tankar, ideér och inspiration

Annas garndrömmar

A hot mama who likes to make stuff. Lots of knitting of course, but also sewing, embroidery and other crafty things.

Helmiä ja tilkkuja
I just love crafts and yarns.

Yllene tider
Välkommen till mitt knittingland!

Nöppösen nöpötyksiä
Satunnaisia havaintoja elämästä ja käsitöistä Casual observations about life and handicraft

Ingrids blogg
Hobby og sånt. Brodecommunity, strikking og hekling.

A girl, her needles, and the yarrn! (Knitting, crocheting and nalbinding)

Notorisk stickare Notorious Knitter
About hand knitting (HK) in many ways. A bit about my cat too. Most entries will be in both swedish and english.

Kiristääkö silmukkaa? Sisters are knitting, in Finnish.
Sisters knitting and handcrafting in Helsinki and Tampere. This is what we have been doing since we were young. Now we can share our work despite of the distance, blogging is fun!

I knit just for fun:)

Knitting Across the Atlantic
Conversations about Modern and Traditional Dansih and Scandinavian Knitting. Instruction, help, tips and ideas forknitting

Sukkamaanikko - opiskelua neulomisen lomassa (Sockmaniac)
A goth student knits, mainly socks, between studying.

Svammel om pysslande, handarbetande och annat.

Back To MONO
knitting, yarn, photos and other interests =)

The struggle of learning to knit, by hand and my old knittingmachine.

Punaisen sydämen torppa
Crafting came to stay. It’s a state of mind for me. That same state I can reach on summer recidence of our family. There I spent those careless, endless summers of my childhood. So my friends, welcome ...

I mostly present my knitting. Sometimes I also show pictures from week-end tours and vacations.