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A community for fans of Minekura Kazuya's Saiyuki... to be specific, a community for people who own blogs and who firmly believe that there is serious scrumping going on behind the scenes in Saiyuki.

Cynical Cat Productions Log
Perverted yaoi fangirl bitching. (Yaoi or non-yaoi is okay by me--I can switch and change my frequency.) Hakkai is seme--that look he gave Gojyo in volume 9 proves it. But the great thing about Hakkai ...

Prodigious, call in the next 10 minutes to receive your free gushing of boys who their hair color match their eyes.

Shi no Yume
Personal blog; yaoi/shonen-ai fangirl; currently over-obsessed with Saiyuki, Hakkai/Gojyo(Tenpou/Kenren), Sanzo/Goku (Konzen/Goku); considers (shonen-ai) fanfiction the ultimate yumminess; loves Yu Yu ...

Personal weblog.

Walk On The Edge
Just the humble blog of yet another obsessed Saiyuki fan. ^^ Of course I'm a big yaoi fan as well and my favorite Saiyuki character is Sanzo. Gotta love a blond monk with a gun ne? ^_~ Favorite paicommunity? ...

Saiyuki Journal
I'm a Gojyo x Sanzo lover. I love Sanzo and Gojyo. They're perfect for each other (Well, I like to see Sanzo bitching after a night with Gojyo).{;}

something witty
Hi, my name is Codi and I have an obsession - I like pretty boys, preferrably ones who smile and have a dragon that can turn into a jeep.{;}


{;}I do everything, pretty much. I like some anime, Saiyuki in particular, and am a rabid slash fan for everything X)

NiixSanzo ...someday.

Twisted_Chibi's blog
just a blog...