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community sponsored by shounen-ai.org, intended to bcommunity together shounen-ai lovers online

YFU (Yaoi Fans Union)
Home base for the Yaoi Fans Union. Come here to rp, chat, obsess, or whatever about shounen ai and yaoi! Warning: Due to some material on the site, ages 16 or over only please. There is an NC-17 related ...

A Shounen ai AND Yaoi(Adult Material) Forum Roleplay. We accept all members that wish to play in on the game.

Gurukitty - Comics and Animation
Original Shounen-ai comics and animated series

My Journal
My journal website

Fixation is a yaoi/slash fanfiction archive home to a wide range of fandom's. Submissions are accepted.

An ever-expanding fan fiction archive with tons of related eye-candy including fan art and doujinshi!

Memory Motel
A collection of of my writings, ruminations, research, and the fanlistings I run. This includes my Feminist Critique of Animation project. This site includes mature/adult content, mostly in the form ...

A Day in the Life
Just my homesite, there's original poetry, stories, thoughts, my journal, some pictures... it's just basically me, pixelized. there's not anything awful on the site, but there's some casual sweacommunity; ...

Forerdained Destinies
About X tarot cards, includes tutorials and Character synopsis

Working on a doujinshi that involve five adolescents going in another world, parallel to ours...{;}humor, sexual event, violence and maybe some shounen-ai content (who knows... *wink){;}And some great ...

Kurisutaru no Bara
The inside of Marion's and Lilly's heart and soul.

Got Yaoi?
A humble,little yaoi/shonen-ai shrine. Rated:PG-13 ;3

The TFL.org-approved fanlisting for Saiyuki's Genjo Sanzo!

Hylian Din's blog
A blog all about me and my life also there's media and much more! So come and tag my tagboard and vote for me! Enjoy all; :)

AU is a shounen-ai high school drama webcomic. While it has implied sex and waist-up nudity, there are no explicitly shown scenes. Just so y'know. Just a long and complex boy-drama.

Love is Love
A shrine dedicated to all yaoi and shounen ai.

Songbirds is about the romance between two aspicommunity male musicians.

Mysticraven's blog

Dirty Little Secret
Dedicated to the relationship between our two love boys, Tatsuha and Ryuichi from the hit series, Gravitation! Some content may not be suitble for those under 16, so proceed at your own discretion~ And ...