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This is a Community deticated to Otaku Senshi, If you have a page deticatd to your Made up Senshi you are welcome to join!

Eclipse of the Darkness
Sailor Moon Eclipse is the new senshi in Crystal Tokyo. She will be taught all her powers by the older senshi, and will help protect her friends and family in time of need.

Harmony of the Rainbow
This site is all about Sailor Iris and her Sailor Team the Olympians. Site is Compleat with Fanfiction, Gallery, and Profiles.

The Sailor Universes "SMU"
This site is dedicated to three of my scouts: Sailor Galaxy, Sailor Nanaki, and Sailor Nature! A new evil has come into Exided California, and it's up to the three senshi to stop it. Soon after, they all ...

Gemstone Senshi
Gemstone Senshi is about my otaku senshi. There are profiles, pictures and stories about them. Follow the adventures of Sailor Mirage, the leader, but not a Gem Senshi of the clan. There are over 10 Gem ...

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Gemstone
A fanfic site that takes place AFTER Sailor Stars, picking up with Usagi/Serena's future and how it comes to be. Brand new and re-vamped with many things to do and see. Take a look!