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My occasional thoughts as a stay at home mom with an almost two year old.

Don't Try This At Home
Juggling the day-to-day adventures of being a mom. Come join us!

My Daily Blog
family website

this is where i talk about my kids, my life, my hubby, my pregnancy, knitting, God, and a ton of other stuff i can't remember right now.

Sandy Eggo
I'm a SAHM of two little ones, married to an Active Duty Marine in San Diego CA. This is where I sort thru my insanity.

Girl in Metamorphosis
A San Diego native transplanted to Wisconsin. If that weren't disorienting enough, I'm trying to raise four kids without their needing therapy later on. Wait, some of them are already in therapy, darn ...

Life in a Shoe
Life in a shoe: the methods and madness of one mother of 7. There was an old woman who lived in a shoe; She had so many children she didn't know what to do; She gave them some broth without any bread ...

pith, marrow, and coffeespoons
SAHM who is juggling getting Master's Degree while tending to her two kids and trying to write the next great American novel. Unfortunately, since she spends most of her time kissing boo-boos and wasting ...

a resource for eco-friendly and sustainable parenting

Ramblings of a SAHM
SAHM to five children including identical twin girls. Mostly writing about daily life and also enjoys scrapbooking, sewing, quilting, and many other crafy projects but can't knit to save her life.

Mom Advice and Articles
Articles on parenting and mom advice.

The Learning Umbrella
My blog about homeschooling and being a mom.

Blogging through the confusing but wonderful world of family life!

Knit Into Him
My personal blog as a Christian, a SAHM, a homeschooler, and a knitter.

Dacommunity Young Mom
My two-year-old is sometimes very much like Lenny from 'Of Mice and Men' but rather than being armed with brute strength, she just has several fleece blankets. Poor baby brother, loved almost to death. ...

The Queen of Queens
I'm a mom of five from Queens, NY. Enough said :) Certain common words - such as patience and understanding.. mostly patience.. are taking on new meaning for me... Thanks for being out there and I hope ...

Here in the Bonny Glen
The blog of Melissa Wiley, homeschooling mother of five (almost) and children's book author. Melissa and her comic-book-writing hubby both work at home, taking turns writing and having fabulous unschooling ...

Living you best life today
Living your best life today is the latest journaling and archives from Rebecca Paramore, a mother of four, on topics such as family fun, marriage, motherhood, home, money, recipes, being the best me e ...

Chicago Mama Spot
Living in Chicago as a Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Dog-Owner . . . Trying to do it all, keep everybody happy and have fun. Oh, all this is complicated by a healthy dose of A.D.D.

LatherRinseRepeat--Yeah right
Ramblings of an over-worked, over-tired SAHM

ABC Momma
Mom to Ant, Bud, and Cutie

Expressions of Love
Mom to one little Angel in heaven, one little Angel in my hair, and one little Angel on the way. Wife to a Lover/Soulmate/Union Sheet Metal Worker/Volunteer Fire Fighter/Volunteer First Responser/Best ...

Crazy Bloggin' Canuck
I am a former adventure-travel writer turned adventurous-unraveling mother. A few years ago, I gave up my wanderlust life to marry the real love of my life! These days, I am mama to 2-year-old Hurricane ...

The Crib Chick
I'm a SAHM (I prefer the term 'Crib Chick') keeping it real at home for my 'Peeps'. This is a place for me to spill my thoughts on life in general.

Teresa's 2 Worth Blog
Thoughts and Experiences of Catholic Christian Living in New Jersey.

Welcome To My Closet, Here's a Black Dress
Creative non-fiction with pictures

True confessions from the everyday life of a sorta shallow Christian mom.

Barefoot in the Garden
I am a SAHM to two great kids. I am a Master Gardener and volunteer with my county extension office. I am also a part time childcare provider in my home.

A 20-something trying to stay young and sane while keeping up with her daughter and trying for another.

I Am Tired Of This Mess
Can blogging about my messy house actually help me get it cleaned up? Find out what I am doing to clean up the mess!

Thoughts and Musings
The random thoughts and musings of a work-at-home mom of two in the D.C. suburbs.

A Brain Like Mine: Diary of a Feminist Housewife
A personal answer to the old feminist question: With a brain like yours, why are you home with the kids? Opinion on arts, religion, culture, homeschooling, family life, love, faith, knitting, politics, ...

5 Sandcastles
I'm an American SAHM, married to the nicest Swede in the world and living in his native country with our three daughters: Teen Princess, aspicommunity performer; Preteen Girl, aspicommunity computer programmer ...

At A Hen's Pace
What does a hen do all day? Nothing but walk about in endless circles, pecking at this or that--yet she is one of the most creative and productive of God's creatures. Though my life mostly takes me in ...

economical baby
having a baby doesn't have to break the bank (i hope.) : reviews, resources, and thoughts on welcoming and raising a baby into the family for the first time as inexpensively as possible

Memoirs of a desperate (nap needing) housewife
With 3 young children, this SAHM is caught in a whirlwind of Toddler tornados!

Suzy Q Homemaker
Musings of a recently graduated, now at-home mom of three boys.

One Crafty SAHM
One crafty stay-at-home mom, raising two very handsome boys.

Cozy Paradigms
Examining the paradigms that guide our choices

Sunydazy Days
I am a wife of 18 years to my favorite person and a christian, stay at home mother of 5 precious and lively children so far, ages 1 year to 16 years. We have always homeschooled and love it! This blog ...

Mommy Brain
Just some random musings on being a sahm to twin girls.

You can't reason with Crazy...
SAHM to two very active boys who are 12 months apart

@ rock and star
The daily life of a stay-at-home mom with a 2-year-old, a chardonnay, and hopefully, a sense of humor.

A Mama's Rant
A Mama's Adventures with Monkey Boy, Boo Girl and Their Big Bad Dad

The experiences of a graduate student, knitter, librarian and stay at home mom in the Bay Area.

Bread Crumbs In The Butter
The blog of a sarcastic SAHM to four, CBE and Doula, who is addicted to running.

Ask Daddy - Mommy is Off Duty
Ramblings about me, my family and my so-called adventures. I am a WAHM of a three-year-old genius. To pay the bills I am a medical transcriptionist and online retailers of women's lingerie and kid's ...

green tea ROCKS
The writing, ranting and raving of a woman named Kristina, alias kristinaQ.


The Kwait Family
I am Lindsay Kwait, I was A designer for Creative Designs, based out of Plano.. And then this little guy turned my fabrics into diapers, so as of right now I am a stay at home momma, still adjusting but ...