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woman, wife, mom, all rolled in to one brown package

The Professional Slacker
A 30-something mother of three trying to survive the stay at home life.

Children, chores and chocolate
A little about my life, a stay at home mum with a hubby who is a long distance lorry driver.

One by one the vultures pick away at my sanity.
I'm a SAHM of two young boys and I'm also an Army wife.

Amazing Grace-land
Musings about grace, mommyhood, my DH, current events, and writing. An ordinary mom's online journal focusing on extraordinary, daily, amazing grace.

Cze-Johnson Fever
Once upon a time, I was an engineer. I worked a lot of hours and took pride in what I did. Now, I'm a stay at home mom, work even MORE hours, and am trying to take pride in what I do. This blog is just ...

Rebecca's Rispostas
The random ramblings of a Stay-at-home, Rosary-making, Girl Scout Troop Leading, Catholic Mom of one very active little girl. Grab a cup of coffee and jump into a discussion or two.

At Our Table
A Chicago-based food blog chronicling the culinary adventures of a young woman, her husband and their infant daughter.

Crib Ceiling
Former professional turned (happily) stay at home mom ponders life questions, women's paths, playgroup politics, actual politics (sometimes) and any miscellaneous thing that crosses her (somewhat unchallenged) ...

Fighting Fatigue
To give support, motivation and information for those who suffer with chronic illness.

My Domestic Church
The bloggings of a Catholic homeschooling mother of six on issues and events that affect her family in their Domestic Church

Pieces of Cheese - (Morceaux de Fromage)
Come on in, kick off your shoes, and stay for some Mommy therapy while we share our joys, struggles, trials, and new ideas. We'll probably laugh a lot, too.

Sleeping Mommy
If sleep deprivation is an effective form of torture than the CIA should seriously consider employing my children.

30+WAHM to a 4yo boy in Northern California writes about their life affected by CANCER.

The flip flop mamma
Throw on a pair of compfy jeans and a t-shirt...grab your most compfy pair of FLIPFLOPS...sit back, relax with a large mug of coffee...this is a wife, mother, Lover of Christ, rambling on about life...everday ...

My wonderful, crazy life as a SAHM of 2
A daily account of what my life is like with 2 kids.

The Mommy Files
The laughs and cries of a stay at home mom while she deals with life and her very precocious daughter.

Crunchy Christian Mom
Wherein I record my family's adventures, my attempts to live what I believe, and my general musings on life as wife and mother to two small boys.

What's happening at the Roberts'?
A place for me to keep you updated on what is happening in our life.

A Dose of Xtessa

Blessed Insanity
32-year-old SAHM of three children living in West Virginia. Entries mostly revolve around the funny things my kids do day to day. However, I touch on conservative and Christian beliefs as well.

Mixed Messages
What's on the mind of a 35 year old SAHM of two...come check it out!

Praynladys Blessings
A fun place to go for anyone to see what's real in my life as I try very hard to walk with Christ.

Mad's House
Stay-at-home-mom of 4 girls who enjoys reading, being with my girls, hanging out with friends, blogging, music, movies & surfing the 'net.

A melee of my innermost thoughts for your reading pleasure...