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A warm & cozy place to visit, full of imagination and friendship!

Faerycommunity Creations
An enchanted boutique of the beautiful and unique featucommunity handmade faeries,nymphs,mermaids,sea serpents,dragons,crystal wands,pendulums and dream pillows. Poetry and lore complete the experence ...

Emerald Fairy's Place
An Enchanted Mystical World filled with Beauty and Imagination. Step into Fantasy and enjoy. Fntasy / Fairy Clp-Art, Fairy Gif's, Win My Award, and much more.......come see!!!

Wicca's Atelier
Handcrafted sculptures of fairies, witches, indians and more. Handmade soap. Lots of infos about fairies, wicca, wolfs and animals. Visit and enjoy!

King Family Online
Site of Fairy Terreberre of the Site fights, family site, with good links, information, games, spirit pages, charms, shopping mall, and more.

Luvzbluez Fairy Communitys
My site is filled with the love of the Fae, here you will find stories, poems, graphics, and so much more.

Lilita by Joseph D. Greenwood
Gallery of wildlife, fantasy, and surreal sci-fi art. Unleash the spirit of creativity and soar into the dream.

Darle's Realm
Something for all ages ... from fairies{;}to unicorns, holiday and friendship pages and personal poetry.

Elvenqueen Realm
Listen to the stories and poems of the elvenqueen and her silverdragon, hear the adventures of Ylva,... and much more

Rosepetal's Path into Faerie
Welcome to a place between...a place that resides neither in Faerie, nor in the mortal realm; a place that hovers between them. Here you will find poetry, pictures and links to guide you further into ...

The Faerie Realm: Nature Spirits of the World
My site is unique in that it catalogues tales of faery fairy beings from cultures all around the world. It also has sections on faery and visionary art. It includes poetry.

House of Love
The first fae page is the WeeFolke and it is finished......we are very proud of it an the whole site. I think as you enter, you will feel the love...

Bren's Bright Corner
My pages should be up and running anyday. There is a serene place to wander thru my place, family, fairydust& mytic fogs, herbs, recipies and more.

Unicorn Enchantress
A mystical unicorn site where only a true unicorn lover can travel. Please drop by and don't forget to sign the spiritbook!

Isle of the Fairies
An enchanting visit to a fantasy island where many wonderfull creatures exist, such as mermaids, fairies, and more!

Mystic's Haven
Hi! My site is a 'potpourri of good things'...Let me share it with you.

Windy Nights
Original fantasy art by a graphic artist

Linda Champnois Kertzman Doll Art
Have been sculpting in clay for over twenty years, mostly love the magic and fantasy. All hand sculpted in a mix of clays, hand dressed in antiques and all touched with a sprinkle of fairy dust!

Titania's Realm
The homepage of a fantasy lover, beleiver in fairies, dragon lover, rpg fanatic, poet and more.

The Caged Bird Sings..
A wonderland of literature, poetry, victorian art, and frolicking fairies

Faery Dream
my site is all about the fae, come in and learn some information.

Elven Faire
My faerie page is dedicated to my love of the wee folk. A whimsical addition to my site. I also have pages about my family, favorite books, poetry, cross stitch, inspiration, holiday folklore and recipes. ...

Jenn's Tunnels
This site is dedicated to Beauty and the Beast, particuarly my fanfiction as well as faeries and Irish myth and folklore.

Fairy Paradise
A fairy paradise for believers, fairy's and dreamers.

Ynys Sci
Communitys of my fairy island

Maelstrom's MU* List
An SQL run MU* listing, allowing MU*'s to add themselves and change their listing in the future without tedious maintanace.

Alundain - Los seres de la Luz
This is the site of the light´s beings, The Fairy Worls is waiting your visit, come and see, read celtic legends, and more. Spanish site with some translations for english people. Also, join the Community ...

Sculpture From The Heart Fairies
At once earthy and ethereal, sensual and serene, original fairies in polymer clay, resin and pewter. Custom made fairies also available.

The Awakening Center
Awaken the center of you through Online and inperson Chats, workshops, readings and classes. We utilize metaphysical concepts and esoteric tools. (tarot, numerology, astrology, psychic readings/guidance, ...

Alaiinna's Sea of Mystic
A Pagan made site with information on Witchcraft,Paganism,Wicca, Faeries, Unicorns, Mermaids(Nylith),Gods, Goddesses..ect...{;}My site has beautiful graphics, mystical music, and great poetry as well as ...

Faerie Realm of Enchantment
Welcome, on your journey you will discover the artwork of the enchanted, my adopted fantasies and a variety of fae related links throughout the site.

The Enchanted Island
Visit the Enchanted Island, the sands are warm and the water's always fine!

Morwenna's Castle of Dreams
Morwenna's enchanted castle houses fairies, the Kitchen Witch, a role playing section and a teenage fairy adoption agency.

Amethyst's Fae Enchantment
My new site is devoted to my recent fascination, I believe!!

Moth's Faeries
This is my page on faeries. It has sections for explanations, stories and poems, gifts, A Midsummer Night's Dream, links, and much much more.

Fae Fantasies
A site about fairies. Includes definitions, poems, images, books about fairies, fairy posters, and hopefully there will be even more soon.

Beautiful World
my personal tribute to the beauty, spirituality, and magick of nature; love, children, art, animals, my photography, other's poetry, our beautiful planet... !

Divanta's Pages
A fantasy site filled with art from various artists, original poetry, poems by famous authors, and graphics. A place to dream.. a place to escape to.. my world

Primrose Glen

The World of Fantasy
The World of Fantasy is filled with more than 300 pages of fantasy, faeries, wizards, dragons and holidays..containing, stories, poems, songs, recipes, fun and games..This is a Kid Sfae Site and still ...

Creations by Mac & Easy
Journey Thru a Magical Forest Of Porcelain Handcrafted Fairies, Centaurs, Wizards, Mermaids, & other Creations. Limited Editions & One of A Kind Dolls.

The Portal
A collection of cyber pets. Adoptable pets. And a guide to Neopets.

Heavenly Shades of Night are Falling
My little Spot Among the Stars! All about me, friends and family, favorite clipart...everything! :)

Midnight Enchantment
Faery friends of all ages will be enchanted while making their journey through our lands. Surprises, adoptions, treasures, and spirit await!

Adopt A Demon
Imagine owning your own pet from the nether regions of Purgatory. Have a heart - Adopt A Demon today!

Upon Dragons Wings
All things Dragon!

Unicorn Meadows
Lots of fun mystical things to do at unicorn meadows Free Personalized sig tags, Games, Quizes, Gifts, fairy lore and so much more come fly with the fairies

Fae Alven Nixie Sprite
The is the Fae page I have made for Wosib.

Irish Country
Lovely gifts that reflect the beauty of the Celtic cultures: Clan Coat of Arms, Irish, Celtic and Renaissance graphics on reasonably priced items such as clothing for men, women and children, tote bags, ...

An interactive fantasy site that includes information, poetry, graphics(animated and nonanimated) adoptions and much more on such fantasy creatures as mermaids, nymphs, fairies, unicorns, and so much more ...