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A Catholic Community dedicated to promoting the Truths of the Catholic Faith under the protection and patronage of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

St. Michael the Archangel
A website devoted to the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, St. Michael the Archangel.

The Knights Templar
From their humble beginnings, the Templar Knights rose, as the first Military Religious Order of the Catholic Church, to a position of prestige, honor and wealth, only to be crushed and defeated by accusation, ...

Apostles to the Lepers
Blessed Damien de Veuster and Blessed Marianne Cope - Apostles to the lepers of Kalaupapa.

Beloved Madonnas of the World
From among the descendants of Eve, God chose the Virgin Mary to be the mother of his Son. Full of grace, Mary is the most excellent fruit of redemption and is venerated throughout the world under many ...

The Passion
A website devoted to the Passion of Christ and His Sorrowful Mother.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Community
The Home Site of The Sacred Heart of Jesus Community.

Polish Saints
This site has all the Polish Saints that are recognized by the Catholic Church.

The Charterhouse : A Garden Enclosed
The Carthusian Order, a monastic contemplative order of monks and nuns, was founded by St Bruno in 1084. This independent website stirves to promote awareness of the Carthusian Order, its rich history, ...

Jesus I Trust In You
The message and devotion to Jesus as The Divine Mercy is based on the writings of Saint Faustina Kowalska, an uneducated Polish nun who, in obedience to her spiritual director, wrote a diary of about 600 ...

The Virgin of Jasna Gora
At a time when Czestohowa was still a small medieval town, there stood on a nearby hill a wooden church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Here in 1384 the Prince Wladyslaw Opolski brought the image of the ...

Prayers to Our Lady of Czestochowa
Since the 14th century, pilgrims have been making their way to the hilltop shrine dedicated to the Virgin of Czestochowa, the Black Madonna of Poland. Here countless prayers are offered to the Mother of ...

Madonnas of the World : A Little Book of Prayer
A virtual prayerbook in honor of the Mother of God who is venerated worldwide under many titles.

Rejoice to the Mother of God : From Akathist to Litany
The Akathist Hymns are liturgical hymns in use among the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches. Among Roman Catholics the Akathist Hymns are virtually unknown. The purpose of this website is to present ...

Religious Profession
Have you ever wondered about the Vows religious profess? In this website you will learn exactly what it is religious promise in their profession formula. It may surprise you to know that the Dominicans ...

Saint Paul the First Hermit
Venerated in Eastern and Western traditions, the founder of the eremitical life, Saint Paul withdrew into the desert and lived there in the exercise of prayer and penance, according to tradition, until ...

In Christo, destined for happiness in Jesus!
Inspicommunity prayers and quotes will lead you to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, source of Love, Light and Life!

A home for Catholics to share their faith and grow in love with God.

Saint Bruno
To the praise of the glory of God, Christ, the Father's Word, has through the Holy Spirit, from the beginning chosen certain men, whom he willed to lead into solitude and unite to himself in intimate love. Master ...

Carthusian Nuns
Ducommunity the priorate of Anthelm, the first General Chapter was assembled (1140), to which all the Houses the Grande Chartreuse included pledged themselves in perpetuity. It was also at this time ...

"Inspire others to turn to me"...says our Beloved Lord, Jesus. I am Blessed to know HIM very well and devoted to HIS SACRED HEART. Read messages of hope, trust, faith and more...Visit, be inspired and ...