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Pat's Knitting and Quilting
My ongoing adventures with fiber.....

The Tangled Arts

Zarzuela Knits and Crochets
Where knitting, crocheting, spinning, libraries, playing the bassoon and many other things come together

Wanderlust Knits
A silly little blog by a silly little knitter. With 0 readers! Go me!

Out To Pasture

Yellow House Treasures
A woman in a yellow house with her beloved, two dogs, a cat, and her crafts.

Spastic Shepherd Knits!
Knitting blog, with mention of garden, cooking, kids

Stitches In Pink
A blog of a seasoned woman knitting to the tune of pink!

Westerly Whimsies
This is my personal site about knitting and other crafty projects, with some everyday life thrown in.

Elizzabetty Knits
Some ramblings about life and knitting, although not necessarily in that order... from New York and Vermont (and everywhere in between)

Ariadne's Thread

knitting, yarn, dyeing, rockin sock club,

Tales of what I'm knitting and spinning and learning along the way.

A waste of valuable server space

knit happens in half moon bay
Knitting socks and other things, thinking, creating with color.

All for the Sake of Knitting

Dandelion Dreamers
Just a little momma playing with my sock yarn - don't mind the mess.

I'd Rather Be Knitting at the Beach
A site that details my knitting projects and lessons learned. Much sock content included!

Knitiots of Stockton
We Rock Our Socks!

Sara Skates and knits and parents and ... I'm a 40-something lesbian academic co-parent (to a stunningly gorgeous and typical 10 year old and a charming perfect 7 year old blondie boy with CP) who spins, ...

Vera's Crafty Blog
My adventures in needlework.

Alabama Fiber Dreams
A blog all about my obsession with yarn and all things knitty.

Girly With A Twist

Knits Galore
This is my blog of thoughts on knitting and other crafts that might peak my interest. Along the way I talk of my family and the adventures we have.

Knitting, spinning, dyeing and wine reviews!

Knots In A Row
One Knitters journey in the craft.

Tangled and Warped

The Knitting Moose
knitting, and cats who like to help


The Twisted Knitster
Like Dee Snider, only different!

Pischi Days

Knit One Quilt Too
One busy mom's creative life.

The Purly Gates
Knitting, baking and other crafty stuff from the City by the Bay...San Francisco, CA!

Madame Purl
A fiber salon of knitting and spinning.

Numerical Knitting
My thoughts on knitting, teaching, mothecommunity, and life.

A blog about knitting and other stuff.

Global Nomad
My ramblings :)

Knit & Play with Fire
I am a volunteer fire fighter who knits a lot. I take my socks with me everywhere. About the only place I draw the line at for knitting is Church.

A place to share my craft interests

La República de Mi Casa

Anna's Yarn Mansion
Librarian, Resident Dog Sitter, Knitter...

Soxophone Player
I make socks on antique sock machines and crank furiously trying to stay ahead of the ever growing stash!

Knitting Fix

G'ma's Grapevine!!
musings of retired band director who has time to knit, crochet, stitch, quilt & run after 6 wonderful g'kids!

Tisha's Treasures
my family, hobbies, crafts,etc...

KelKnits: Knitting in Hawaii

Bockstark Knits
My adventures in knitting in munich germany. I also joined the Rockin' Sock Club this year so I'm looking forward to posting lots of pics!

Just another Knitter

tiennie knits
tiennie knits, quilts, reads and watches too much tv!