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RPG Fun! Is a community dedicated to the players for IC and OOC Web Sites on characters, clans, plots, places, ect. If the topic of the page is related to RP then the site is welcomed here!

Tavern & Bar Association
The TBA is an organization of Tavern & Bar Owners and Staff brought together in order to work with one another. Either by shacommunity secrets in how to successfully run a Bar, manage the staff as ...

Sparkling Light ‘Dance Club’
Sparkling Light ‘Dance Club’ is part of an online RPG in Yahoo Chat’s Science section. The setting is more of a modern type city, with a little flare of a mystical fae nature. Many times people have gone ...

I, Holodoc
A collection of Artwork, Essays, Fiction, and Role Play stories which delve into the psyche and soul of the EMH Mark I.

Qu’ellar Noamuth
House ‘Noamuth’ Lost, is part of an online role playing group based in yahoo chat. As anomalous as it may sound, the members are not only limited to the drow, the clerical order is open to surface elves ...

He Who Walks Two Worlds
Full website on one Garou character with links to different realms and characters within Yahoo Chat's freeform Rp system. Original profile art and writings on the main character and his history and storylines ...

An online Role Playing group part of RPG Fun, but with its own touch to the rules. The standards are not based off of the common D&D or WoD, but on FairyMeat, an excellent game. Come visit, for a twisted ...

Small, but growing Fantasy RPG. We're always looking for new members, and everyone is accepted! Message Board RPG.

Bloody Manacles
A vampire roleplay forum with intermediate to advanced roleplayers. There are two opposing forces of vampires, humane and sadistic. Which side are you on? Or maybe...you're the prey.

Sharvani: Land of Dreams
We're a text based free forum play by post rpg with a wide variety of genre's for you to choose from.