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Slant Truth

The G Bitch Spot
at which a mad black woman rants about New Orleans, insomnia, teaching, and anything else involving a bitch, a spot or the letter g

Brown Rab Girl Fish
I am a Muslim girl who has turned into a fish. My interests: Algae. Transmutation. Floating. Warm currents. Stealthily hooking fishing wire into tires. Boomboxes playing bad mixed tapes. Sour rasgullas. ...

Sly Civilian

No Rest for the Awake - Minagahet Chamorro
A blog dedicated to the decolonization of Guam, the revitalization and promotion of Chamoru language and Chamorro forms of expression, and disseminating critical information for and about the struggles ...

Being Amber Rhea
A twentysomething feminist web developer tells it like it is.

IrrationalPoint's Soapbox

Bitch | lab
Bitch | Lab: where lefties and feminists have dirty minds, too!

Fetch me my axe

My Private Casbah
This is my examination of the world, one grain of sand at a time, from my castle-on-the-sun.

Sprouted in San Diego, CA. Interpellated in alien Midwest universities. Thivai is a dialogic provocateur searching for viable alternative/oppositional cultures. Iím extremely interested in heacommunity ...

Present Progressive Mood
A blog that critiques the politics of literature and the media in general, while commenting on other social issues such as race, class and gender.

Museum of Accidents
Expanding collection of work from continental, modern, and postmodern philosophy and aesthetic theory. Whole, primary texts as well as video interviews with the theorists and audio recordings. Baruch Spinoza ...

Soul Sphincter
From digital humanities, critical theory, art, experimental music, copyright, copyleft, copyfree, computer games, Aboriginal rights, philosophy, virtual worlds, poetry, M.M. Bakhtin, Traveler cultures, ...

Frank - The Political Progressive

Media Infidel
The Political and Cultural Musings of a Media Junky

Seeking the Cranberry, Color in a World of Black and White
Kathrin's blog chronicles several threads in her life, particularly, experiences growing up as a bi-racial child in Germany and discovecommunity her Afro German identity, and her professional and personal ...

Nihilo Zero
Radical articles (some syndicated) on a variety of subjects.

I'm a Las Vegas based Anarchist, homeless advocate, and general activist. I believe in natural law, basic human rights for everyone, animal rights, and peace (not pacifism); among many other things. I ...

You Must be Kidding
Politics, mostly left oriented, current affairs, comments