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Knitting Aloud
Knitting and blabbing and knitting.

The Wool Palace
Life, including lots of knitting, in South London.

Minxxys World
scootecommunity mayhem knitting etc etc etc

The Champagne Bohemian
A knitting journal

What's Wannietta Knitting Today
Keeping the www. apprised of what the 2-time (and current) winner of Canada's Search for the Fastest Knitter is up to!!

Eva's Knitting journal
All about my knitting and life.

Soap Fiber Gal
Handcrafted soap, kniting and spinning fiberholic

A cool blog with lots of knitting, lots of chat, lots of pics and Pumpkin the Wonder Cat!

Once Upon A Time... A Journey to Middle England
knitting and gardening in central england

Got Knit?

And all that stash
a knitter struggling to use up hundreds of odd balls of yarn

a southern gal knits in the north
knitting record of all things - lace, aran, cables, alice starmore, and much more including designs

21st Century Hostess
I am a 20something knitter in Chicago who also loves sewing, crafting, cooking, and running and baseball.

A beginner's blog about knitting and anything else I feel compelled to share with blogland.

Couleur tricot

Peace & Sereknitty
My blog about life & knitting in rural Oregon.

Poptart's Knit Fit
Mostly knitting and a little bit about other stuff...

Journal d'un Atelier
Journal de mes activités de couture, patchwork, broderie, bricolage divers, peinture au fil du temps.

sucksesful inefishensie

Knit Annie

Amy Knits Texas
A Marylander by birth but transplanted to Texas by her job, Amy loves to knit regardless of heat and humidity. Originally designed to let the relatives see the family on a regular basis, the blog also ...

Pink Hebe
My blog is mostly not knitting, but knitting content does make it in on a regular basis. I'm bad at taking photos of finished objects.

Very Otterly

The Knitted Bear
Carie's Knitted Projects and other assorted ramblings

Alpaca Rose
Knitting, alpacas, gardening, cooking, quilting, sewing, crafts

I dream of the sea
A blog about knitting, living and working in London.

I want to share with you my knitting experiences, swap patterns, talk about other crafts (sewing, embroidery, weaving, ect).

Silken threads
I adore Rowan yarns and patterns and whenever my budget allows, will use them. I also blog about stitching and other craft projects I do.

Coming up Blank
My online Knitting natter and some other crafty stuff besides (eventually)


A blog on knitting and a knitter's adventures

Diary of a mad lawyer who is very interested in psychology, faith and human interactions in general and who knits to maintain her insanity:)

Belerion Knits
Knitting in a quiet corner of Cornwall A Fine Art Textiles student shows off her coursework and knitting

Crafty Chemist
A blog about my newly learnt knitting skills(?), projects and other bits and bobs.

Odd Ball Knitting
Mainly about knitting ...

quelle erqsome
Knitting for two. ...er, not that I'm having babies, my obsession simply runs that deep.

A Homely Heroine
New blog and knitter, with book lists and other bits and pieces

betty bluebell

Chic in Strick
Hello, at my blog I am presenting my current knitting projects. I prefer to knit socks, pullovers, scarfs, hats and mittens in all variations - with cables, with lace patterns, or in fair-isle style. ...

Curly Cable
knitting blog

knitless to life

Damn, Knit & Blast It
blog of my knitting exploits......

quilting, knitting,embellishing, family

Turtle Knits
A blog about my hobbies, mainly knitting, reading, gardening and sometimes music

Here Be Knitting
Aussie Rowanette just starting out on the Blogging life. My site focusses on my knitting (duh) and our plans to move onto a 200 acre bush block just outside Canberra. Come and join the ride!!

Fiona's Knitting
Knitting, spinning, and observations on life in general

Lynda\\\'s Knitting and Design Blog
"You're not crazy... you're a knitter. There's a cure for crazy." Uber Sis

PosieKnit Chat

knitiots of stockton
we knit