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Click Member link to see site in tvExercise Before Knitting
I'm a graduate student and new mother who spends her free time knitting. I find that knitting is such a powerful addiction that its presence in my life must be tightly controlled. As a procrastinator, ...

Tisha\'s Treasures
family, knitting and all my crafts

Yarn Over
So much to knit, so little time . . .

Woman Who Says "Knit"
My adventures as a 30-something SAHM of a 2.5 year old trying to knit, raise a family, knit, take care of the house, knit, and become an expert knitter!

left-handed knitting in a world of right-handers
there's a bit of knitting, a bit of life, and always some laughs

Stitch and Knit
Knitecommunitys of a crazy cat lady :0)

Knit & Play with Fire
I love to knit, mostly socks, and I am a female volunteer fire fighter

Kitten Knits Yarn
This is my blog about knitting.

A Cyber-Knitting Mama's Crafty experiences and more...

Niki's Knits
I blog all about a newbies adventures with knitting.

Knitting Across the United States
A blog I post to to list the items that I have knit while on our truck.

Pandora\'s Mythical Blog
My take on the knitting, family, and the world.

Knit Happens in Half Moon Bay
Knitting, creating with color, stitch patterns, socks and felting

I Like Yarn
A blog about my knitting and my life in general.

Tejiendo, qu ms?
Mi blog de tejido. Quiero compartir mi actividad favorita, el tejido a dos agujas y el crochet o ganchillo, como mas les plazca. Nos vamos a encontrar "Tejiendo, qu ms?"

Hege's hobbykrok

Grandma Sally's
This is my site that I use for my knitting, crocheting, painting and stained glass.

Rosie's Knits
A blog about knitting and yarn obsession and the Hubby that supports it (reluctantly).

G'ma's Grapevine!!
musings of retired band director who knits, crochets, stitches, quilts and runs after 6 wonderful g'kids!!!

knitiots of stockton
This blog is designed to bcommunity all knitters together in a friendly environment to share ideas,techniques, patterns, thoughts, humor, joy, love, and unity.

Sock It To Me
Love knitting and connecting with other knitters

A blog by a self-taught knitter who tries hard with varying degrees of success.

The Things I Love To Do

All about my many and varied works in progress

Nannybird Crafs
Knitting and other crafty goodness

Having a Hissyknit
Just the incoherent, nonsensical ramblings of a Catholic thirtysomething, Texas born mom who knits, loves her family, reads and volunteers way too much, and spends most of her life in her filthy dirty ...

tapping of the needles
the everyday ongoings of a knitting mom...

Knitting is my favorite hobby, and my blog is so far about knitting. Still, there might be som glancing to other handcrafts as well.

Knitting Is My Free Therapy
A blog about my addiction to yarn and knitting.

I knit, read, cook, sew too much! And I love to take pictures of it!

Crafty Muse Inspired Knitting n' Stuff
A life reset in San Francisco CA with Brion, the one who makes me catch my breath everyday, and with my cats Jada and Nobel. I love to knit for family, friends and charity as well as other crafting "stuff". ...


Catirina Bonet Designs
This blog is about life, art, knitting, crochet, and sewing. I will write about techniques, tips, design, and the community of art and creativity.

The Knitted Spirit
Meditations on Knitting, Or How Knitting Saved My Life

A knitting blog dedicated to reaching out to those who use the internet as their primary connection to other knitters.

The Misplaced Midwesterner
Family. Cross Stitch. Knitting. Crafting. Life in General.

knitting blue duck
I am just getting started in the blog business. It took the blogger help a good six weeks to realize I was giving them approriate info to get back to post. Now my camera is on the fritz, but it will work ...

Knitting, dogs, some other crafty stuff, and random thoughts out of my little brain.

knitting life
My journey with knitting, shacommunity moments and musings with plenty of photos.

Know Time for Knitting
knitting, cooking, baking, sewing and making from my cozy little home in Utah

The Little Cloud
My plush cloud child-like crafty world of knitting, sewing, photography of crafty stuff and etsy.

RosyRetro LOVES knitting! 37 years young....heading towards 40 with knitting needles in hand like guns a kimbo...Knitting can be funky, sassy, stylish and down right relaxing! In our stressful world, ...