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Do you like to read romance novels? Do you enjoy discussing romance novels and their heroes? Then Romance Readers Community is the blogcommunity for you! Join now and meet other romance lover bloggers just like yourself. In this blogcommunity you will find loads of reader review sites, avid readers who love romance novels and women who love to debate and discuss anything in the romance novel world. Before joining this blogcommunity you must: ►Love romance novels and discussing them. ►Have an established blog where you discuss your adventures in romance reading land. ►Play nice. We don't always expect you to agree, but we do expect you to act like a lady. To join: E-mail us at romancereaderscommunity@gmail.com. Your subject line should read: RRR request and the body of your e-mail should answer the following questions: 1. Your name? 2. Your blog address? 3. What is the theme of your blog? 4. How often do you discuss the romance genre on your blog? 5. What is your favorite romance genre? 6. Who are your favorite romance authors? 7. What is your all-time favorite romance book? 8. Favorite Hero and Heroine? 9. What plot element just drives you crazy? 10. If you were to go to a deserted island and could only take three books, which ones would they be? After reviewing your answers and checking out your site, Dylan or Fiona will e-mail you back and update you on your status with the community. Important Points: ●Only established blogs should apply for membership. If you are a new blogger, hang out, visit the sites, get a few posts up and then come talk to us. ●Members of the community run the risk of having their sites spotlighted here at Romance Readers Community. ●Bad behavior could have you voted off the island. Happy Blogging, Dylan and Fiona

The Way I See It
My thoughts, random writings and book reviews for your perusal.

My Reading Journey with Romance Novels
've traveled the world twice over, Met the famous; saints and sinners, Poets and artists, kings and queens, Old stars and hopeful beginners, I've been where no-one's been before, Learned secrets from ...

Good Reads
Site where I blog recent books I've read and side rants from time to time.

Romance Reading Mom

Romance Readers Community
A site for our blogcommunity, we're all about romance, romance novels and reviews, if you want to be part of our little romance reading community, sign up now! =)

Recreational Reading
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What Were You Expecting

Fiona's Farrago
A mixture of romance, work and life left to simmer on a weak flame.

Book Minx
Reviews on various books (mostly romance) by an English major, who, for the sake of everyone’s sanity (including hers) will not start pointing out things like foil characters, foreshadowing, literary devices, ...

Reading Adventures
I read mainly Historical Fiction and Romance - Historical Romances even better!

Ramblings on Romance, etc
A blog about mostly romance books and all things related. Occasionally I blog about life's other interests

Anything Books

Just a blog where I post about books. Updated several times a week.

Damned Scribbling Women
Two romance readers/writers give you their thoughts on the books they read, the stories they write, and the lives they lead.

Book reviews and then some.

Isn't It Romantic
A discussion corner about romance novels to relax and have fun together, chat about the readings we do in our free time. If you want to let everybody know your opinion about the last books you read, share ...

Biblioharlot's Bookshelf
Blog containing reviews of books (mostly romance), movies, music and anything else that tickles my fancy!

Dara Edmondson
All about author Dara Edmondson\'s contemporary Romance books

Half-baked theories and tactless comments on all those books I read.

Just Another Musing

Dara Edmondson
Info about author Dara Edmondson and contemporary romance

Alaine's Reading Blog
This is my book review blog. I enjoy a wide variety of books but my favourite are historical and historical romance.

Wandeca Reads
Being a bookworm is a job too

Juliette Field Author Website
Juliette Field writes historical and romantic fiction using authentic European locations.

Dawn Leslie Mullan Studios
Artist, poet, and writer who likes to write about writing and create digital works. Visit my creations today!