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Remember when Robots were just a fantasy or something you saw on TV? These days anyone can have their own robot! That's what this community is all about - robot building!
This community has everything that you need for building your own robot. Find one for sale or buy a robot kit to build your own. We'vegot all kinds of information and kits to help you build your own robotand we offer you access to all that you need and even robots for sale.

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Whether you want to find a robot for sale or a kit so that you can build your own, we have it all here. Robot kits, robot cleaning and much more.

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Learn How to build your own Robot, buy Hobby Robots or even find Robots for Sale all right here. With Robot kits, having your own robot has never been easier!

Robby the Robot Could be a Pet Project - Robot Building. Robots for Sale

One of the gimmicks of the classic science fiction film “Forbidden Planet” was Robby the Robot. He looked a little like the Michelin Tire Man with a see-through plastic bubble head and lots of whirring gears. Yeah, cheesy I know, but fun to watch just the same!

From a female standpoint of the era, Robby’s best skills were as a dressmaker and jeweler, turning out diamonds and sapphires at the wish of his mistress, the lovely Anne Francis. It was easy to forget at first that Robby was also the family’s protector, capable of some serious firepower.

Robby and his creators may have been fiction, but robot building is an increasingly popular hobby for many science enthusiasts, male and female. Some hobbyists todayhave been building robots for as long as 30 years; they may even have had robots for sale.

The first step, say longtime robot builders is to agree on what a robot is and what it isn’t. For instance, many robot hobbyists will say that a remote-controlled car or other toy isn’t a robot, because the device has no way to make a decision on its. In other words, to be a genuine robot, a devote has to have the ability to make decisions, to “think.”

A genuine robot even can have a small computer as its “brain,” as long as it can be programmed to make decisions. For instances, many hobbyists program their devices with what are known as “IF-THEN” statements. These require the programmed device to decide “if” a certain condition exists, “then” a certain action must follow.
Consequently veteran robot hobbyists have to burst the starry-notions of many a novice robot builder. It’s a proven fact: robot building isn’t easy.

Any junior engineer can make a base for the robot out of building blocks, and can even set it up to be controlled remotely. But to build an authentic robot, say the experts, engineers will have to follow these steps:
•    Design and build a base.
•    Locate and purchase drive and steering motors.
•    Have access to drill press, band saw, sander (and often a milling machine).
•    Design and build motor drive circuit(s).
•    Design and build a micro controller.
•    Design and build sensor circuits.
•    Learn to program and write programs from scratch.

These might sound like simple enough tasks, but they’re not, say longtime hobbyists. Just building a working mobile base for a robot has taken some professional engineers several years to get right.

Building a robot from scratch can’t be done with parts from a toy box or the local big-box discount retailer, either. Electronics, sensors and microcontroller parts come only from specialized vendors. Longtime robot builders say that even a simple built-from-scratch robot can cost between $200 and $400, and some hobbyists spend as much as $1,000 on their first robot.

The best option for those wanting to try robot building seems to be to get a kit. For those who only want to be able to make their robots do their bidding, then it’s time to look up “robots for sale" and see what you can find!