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Community to help readers of RK fanfiction find what they're looking for.

YAOI (male x male romance) fanfics about Sanosuke with Saitou, Katsu, Cho, Hiko, and Kenshin. Yep, I've got Saitou x Sano, Hiko x Sano, Kenshin x Sano, Cho x Sano, etc. ^_~.

Project F
The site is small but it contains some Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction. Mostly action/adventure stuff here and absolutely no hentai. A little bit of other anime series mixed into the whole bunch and well, ...

Akai Kitsune's Webpage
A growing page with fanfics mostly revolving around Kenshin's character growth and change. The main fanfic is a what-if, alternate reality story, "Light of the Snow-Red Village".

Kimagure Angel's RK Fanfic Page
Right now this sight has two of my Kenshin fics on it, Itsu Made Mo, and a series of fics called A Midnight Thought.

Fireflies in Early Summer: Kenshin & Kaoru
A humble site dedicated to Kenshin & Kaoru. home of several KXKfictions. current running series: "come what may".

Rurouni Kenshin Fanfiction community
RK Fanfic Community homepage.

Available Seating -- Fanfiction at the Akabeko
Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction at the Akabeko. Mix of WAFF, drama, & comedy. Check out the Takeouts for shorter fiction, too!

Yumi's Journal
Rurouni Kenshin "Adult Romance" fanfiction. Most of it features K&K, but I've also written some Sano/Megumi and Aoshi/Misao fics as well.

Creator's Corner: Anime Fanfiction
Fanfiction home for several RK fanfiction stories and Adult Romance.

The Meiji Gateway
A humble site that contains fanfiction by yours truly, Megitsune.

A Kenshin and Kaoru Romance Fanfiction written by chibi-angel. Cavities alert! Other Rurouni Kenshin paicommunitys such as Sanosuke/Megumi, Aoshi/Misao, Misao/Soujiro are also included. These fanfictions ...

Daughter of the Dragon
A collection of Rurouni Kenshin fanfics, some of which are partly focused on Hiko Karen who is... well, come in and read if you wish to know!

Wandecommunity Samurai
A fanfiction archive dedicated to Rurouni Kenshin with small shrines for other animes on their way. Home to the work of both Susan and Midori Natari Himura.

Falling Snow
A small fanfiction page dedicated to Kenshin and Tomoe.

Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu
Rurouni Kenshin Fanfic Archive.

Stephanie's Anime Fan Fiction Collection
Fanfics by Stephanie Taylor: Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, Marmalade Boy, and Magic Knight Rayearth. The RK fics first appeared on the Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ML. No hentai, yaoi, or shounen ...

The Raven's Tale
The Ruroni Kenshin fan page of Jo-Chan's Place (v3.2){;}Fanfiction (funny, serious, and occasionally smutty) and fanart of our beloved okashira. ^.~

Ahoy, Weasel Girl!
Random, yet simple at the same time. It's mostly revolved around the famous Makimachi Misao. Of course, Aoshi is included! ( Really sensitive when it comes down to those two. ) Just got it up, a few fan ...

sakura stories
well, this site is basically a series of stories that i've been writing about misao and... soujiro. okay, maybe its not an original idea, but i hope you'll try reading it anyhow. ^-^

Shades of Revolution
RK fanfics, fanart, and other fun stuff

The Akabeko Library
A site deditated to rk fanfics with a few other fun stuff.

Neoshipper's Fanfiction Archive
Well, not only RK fanfiction, but there's a decent amount. Updated frequently.

All for Love: Sano/Megumi Stories
This is a small site dedicated to Sano and Megumi. There is a little bit of everything in these fanfics, so stop by and check them out!

The Crouching Tiger's Realm
A site devoted to everyone's favourite Chinese Mafia Boss Yukishiro Enishi. Lots of fics related to him, and to the glorious alternate couple: Enishi and Kaoru!

Rurouni Kenshin's image gallery
images and images!!! and some fics by me and my sis too