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This is where I share my thoughts on knitting which I started as a quaint tribute to my Grandmother and has become a raging obsession!

A yankee-born southerner's adventures in knitting for fun and profit.

Sunday Spin-ins
Two fiber artists as explocommunity, experiencing and embracing the wonderful world of fiber.

Half A Sheep
Personal journey into knitting

Russell Yarn
A displaced Kentuckian reluctantly living in Michigan, kept busy by picking Jack Russell hair out of her stash.

Felt Like Knitting
My knitting and felting journal

Girl With A Purl Earcommunity
A blog that follows the knitting exploits of one, Avivah.

I'm not sure if it's looking for yarn, looking for patterns, reading about knitting, talking about knitting, listening to others talk about knitting (PodCasts), the actual knitting, or finishing a knitting ...

Knitting Nonpareil
An ongoing commentary on my life of knitting, spinning, baking and cooking!

Irish Clover Knits
Commentary on knitting and the Clover Family

A Georgia girl stranded in NYC writes about knitting, sewing, and traveling.

Sweet Knittilicious Spot
...just another girl with a cat, a big stash and an obsession with pointy sticks and shiny objects!

Jillian's Knits
A place to show my knitting progress and go on about my latest obsession.

Yarn with a side of Coffee
A yarn about a cajun who moved to Texas, her handiwork,and anything that strikes her fancy.

Click Swish
Jennifer documents her projects and progress as a knitter living in the deep south.

Knitting Without Dog Hair Is Not An Option
Knitting without dog hair is not an option in my household ;-) I started knitting in 5th grade (over 25 years ago - boy, that makes me sound really old). I have always a bunch of projects going at the ...

knitting knurse
a personal site about knitting, my knitting. basically commentaries nothing too wild or crazy. just fun!

A Woolly Discipline
A Woolly Discipline is largely a typical fiber arts blog. I show pictures of things I've made, and whinge about what I haven't finished. If a knitting book particilarly strikes me, I'll post a review. ...

Arts & Quilts
A quilt artist's thoughts on creativity, knitting and anything else that she happens to think of ...

A Mostly Knitting Chronicle

First Draft
Mostly about knitting, some about books and writing, some etc.

144 Inches of I-Cord
Knitting, yarn, cats, Southern food - what's not to love?

Stitch and Knit
I knit and stitch when my kittykats grant me purrmission!

Likely Story
I'm a knitting graphic designer who wants to be a baker, really.

Knitting Without Yarn
This is my personal knitting, etc blog. I have been knitting for 2+ years and am making a focused effort to increase both my complexity and productivity of projects, as catalogued on the site. This should, ...

A knitting transplant to Florida- trying to figure out what to knit in the heat!

Astabeth Knits
A knitting blog.

Leigh's Fiber Journal
I'm a spinner, weaver, knitter, dyer, and fiber artist who loves color, yarn, and fiber. Living in the South, I confess that I do most of my knitting in the winter, except socks(!) Summer time is sock ...

Willis' Knitting Ramblings
Ramblings of a knitting newbie. (Well, actually, I used to knit, but took a 25 year or so break and just started up again).

Bi-coastal knit blog. One half resides in L.A. the other in G.A.

A joint knitting blog by two sisters, one in Texas and one in Ohio.

The Knitpicker
The knitting, crochet, and sewing journal of an opinionated, picky, perfectionist.

I'm a Hoosier that woke up one day in Austin, TX, where I'll be a grad student this fall. When I'm not constructing costumes I'm trying to spend time with my man, our cats, and my knitting! Ich kann ein ...

Gatorfan01's Blog
My life. My family. My animals. My knitting.

The Obligatory Knitblog of a somwhat obsessed knitter, crafter and student.

Kelly's Green: gardens, books, yarn, laundry...
Knitting, weeding, reading and raising three children in Virginia.

Just a little aimless rambling about knitting and life in general

Sea Anemone Knits
An island gal in the city.

Brain Smatter
A little art about a lot of knit.

i made this
an exploration in all things homemade. Born and raised in Wilmington, NC. Started at UNC-CH and finished at the College of Charleston. Met and married a Scot. Now I'm a displaced Southerner in England. ...

Soapturtle Knits
A blog about knitting, spinning, and sometimes life.

Handcrafted Happiness
A knitting, lindy hopping, gardening, crafty nurse making my way through the stash of life. A little bit about everything handmade

Baubles & Purls
I knit, I bead, I yak about my pets, and my adorable hubby!

A novice knitter in North Carolina who loves the ocean. Celebrating beauty found in the smallest of things ... the little "purls" we stumble upon daily.

Place knitting pun here
A knitter/crocheter/crafter in Louisville, Kentucky.

I Live on a Farm
I was born in Kentucky, lived in North Carolina until I was 12 and then went on to live in Los Angeles far too many years. That changed drastically when I met someone online last January. By the end ...

Kissed Knitter
This is a place where knitting projects are chronicled and shared with others.

Bea Knits
Ramblings of a 26 year old Korean American wife and soon to be mom living in Arkansas who is obsessed with knitting, spinning, other crafty things.

Crafter\'s Anonymous
Insights into the world of a serial crafter.

Distracted Knitter
Musings of a slow knitter, fast reader and lover of hot beverages in South Carolina