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My adventures in needlework and other things.

rasco a go-go
Adventures in knitting and gourmet cooking while at UT here in Austin.

Sometimes I Knit

skulls n bats
just a blog about knitting, kitties, crafty goodness, and random tidbits from the sunshine state

Daily ramblings of an avid knitter from a feminine purlspective.

Shamrock Crafts
This is just a place where I can show my projects with crocheting and knitting and just get things out of my head ;)

Krazi Knitter's Place
My excapades into the world of knitting!

A Disipated Mind
A recent Southern transplant trying to knit her way through law school without losing her mind. We'll see how that works out.

Knitting Satori
Knitting Satori, is a New blog about what knitters think about while they are knitting, about yarn, about patterns, about dropping stitches, about starting over and about the life of a knitter.

Fluffy Knitter Deb
Born in South Florida before it became the New York and Havana annex :) Lots of knitting, lots of chat, lots of pics!

Knitter's In Southern Indiana
This site is for people in the southern Indiana region who enjoy knitting or do other needlework crafts and for those who would like to learn the craft.

Got Knit?
An online knitting blog

Shamrock Crafts
This is just a place where I can show my projects with crocheting and knitting and just get things out of my head ;)

Shedding some light on a crafty situation.

Becky's Knitting
A 24 year-old newlywed knitting in Austin, Texas. Born in Maryland which is also IN THE SOUTH. I wrote several US History papers in high school to prove this fact to my friends.

Space Between the Notes
I'm a classical singer (dramatic mezzo-soprano) originally from New York--but I've lived in North Carolina for almost all of my adult life. One of these days they may revoke my New York accent. Anywhoo, ...

Cass Knits!
Blog where I discuss my knitting, and occasionally my family :)

Spoiled Rotten
A journal of crafting. The list includes but not exclusive to sewing, design, decorating, painting, quilting and knitting. I am a mississippi girl that loves all things crafty. My goal in life is ...

Knit vs. Crochet
To knit or not to knit? There is no question. Unless I'm crocheting. Or studying. Like I should be.

One of Each

West Coast girl transplanted to the South knits her heart out while coping with culture shock.

Dipsy's Knits
A young girl living in Savannah-- I knit to keep myself sane as I work in the downtown tourist district. My time is spent knitting, entertaining tourists with my Southern twang, shopping, watching college ...

Sticks, Stcommunitys, and Things With Wings
My adventures in knitting, birding, butterfly-ing, and beekeeping with the odd recipe or garden update.

Cat's Crafty Corner
A site where I journal my crafts; knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking to name a few.

Right Sides Together

Tea and Yarn
Knit one purl two, sip some tea, pet a dog, discuss everything.

Pocahontas County Fare
Get to know Pocahontas County, West Virginia: Collect some empirical data, read a few books, organize the field notes. Repeat as necessary. Also, some notes on spinning, knitting, literature, Old-Time ...

Sam Knits
Where I keep up with all my unfinished projects and try to muster up the motivation to finish something once in a while.

The Chickengoddess Knits
A new knitblog with the occasional cat, as well as some stained glass and glass beadmaking content.

Na Na Na Knits!
The new blog of a new knitter

Freckles & Purls
This blog chronicles my knitting progress and projects, musings on life and everyday happenings, and updates on family and friends.

Bubbles and Purls
a blog about knitting, spinning, southern living, my family, my life, my pets and my general observations about the world as I see it

A blog devoted to knitting and a little bit of spinning.

The Peat Blog
It's a knitting blog, and I attempt to be funny.

Love to Bike and Knit
A blog about my life, particularly as it relates to two of my main interests biking, and especially knitting.

Adventures of So Fla knitter...who is currently in two KAL and will probably join more. The creation of and etsy store and podcast of her own. Trying to balance family life with a knitting obsession ...

knitting, feminist politics, environmental health and questionable fashion tips. please don't let the cats out.

Dedicated to the pursuit of an endless knitting stash, everflowing rovings and the accompanying accessories, machines and tools.

PIxie Purls
Pixie Purls on Hip Knits and Hip Quilts

Chibisan Knits
A Knitting Blog

Soulful Knitting Ministries
A virtual online knitting ministry dedicated to encouraging others one stitch at a time.

All Things Knit and Crochet
This site is devoted to my knitting and crochet projects!

Will Knit for Chocolate
A chronicle of my journey into the world of knitting, after 29 years as a crochet addict. A Texas native, I am now a Special Ed teacher in central Mississippi.

Site is about my adventures in sock knitting mostly. I do venture into other kinds of knitting. But for now I am hooked on socks

Pischi Days
Challenges of being a knitter in Florida.

KnitStory : the Dark Side of the Fiber Arts
My knitting story. Learning to knit...again...after many years. Fell in love with the new yarns, got on the web, and I was hooked. Chronicles my knitting projects (and other crafts and projects)

I'm a South Carolina girl blogging about medical school, knitting, movies, and whatever else stikes me

Pick Up and Knit
This is a resource for knitters, mostly at the beginning level, with articles related to knitting, reviews, patterns, helpful books and tutorials

Knotty Purls
I am a northern girl by birth but always felt like I should be a southerner. Living in Texas for the past four years has confirmed it! I am a new blogger but not a new knitter. I hope to share my knitting, ...

Clothed [in joy]
Big hair. Big teeth. Big butt. 'nuff said.