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Musings of a yarn hoarding oboist gone bad.

Wildly Crafty

Diaries of a Knitting Addict
Come join me in my addiction to knitting and to see most of my knitting projects modeled by my mascot and boon companion, Sammy. (my dog).

ummmm...yea, my life as it is.
A self proclaimed scrapbooking fiend, pet lover, and worst of all a knitaholic.

i blog about how creativity and inspiration meet in a big knotted thing i call craft.

Knitting and 9-0
A Kentucky chick blogging about knitting, Beverly Hills 90210, and everything in between.

Ginabeana Knits
My knitting (and occasionally other crafts) blog. Raised in Texas, left for college, leaving my heart behind, and will be returning in a couple of months.

When a Door Closes...
Knitting Blog

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
Punk rock knitter trapped in suburban mom's body in Austin TX takes on knitting, quilting and the world at large.

Alabama Fiber Dreams
A blog about my obsession with yarn and all things knitty.

Angelarae Knits
This is a blog about my life as a knitter in Raleigh, NC.

Dancing My Life Away
Mindful/less ramblings on life, fiber/needle/bead arts, music, felines, flora, & family "There's always someone trying to tell you how to dance, but they can never tell you WHY." ~~Baz Luhrmann

spinning my life away
slightly obsessed spinner and knitter.

Whit's Knits
A mainly knitting blog

Golden Needle
Knitting is the way this medical student finds a way to relax and let all her tension go. With every project, I try to teach myself at least one new skill. Come knit and laugh with me!

The Dust Bunnies Will Wait
I'm just a rural, casual, Momma trying to guide her children thru the universe. I love to knit, knit, knit.

Musings of a curly-haired knitter who can't sit still.

Just Another Day
Just another day, a place where knitting, crocheting, crafting, and life take place! (Moving form Arizona to Georgia in August 2005 - need lots of help being "southern")

Yarn Miracle
Knitting in South Alabama.

Frog Monkey
Stories of knitting, frogging, monkeys, and all that.

All knitting all the time!

Knitting for the Soul
Notes on my various knitting adventures and the life lessons I'm learning along the way.

Incessant Knitting
Why do anything else when you could be knitting?

life through the eyes of an almost feral knitter

As the Yarn Turns
My name is Sydney. I live in Alabama and these are my tales of how I squeeze knitting and spinning into an already full life.

Artemis' adventures in yarn and fiber
ere the 'goddess girl' babbles about knitting and fiber and random stuff

Knittin' Coop
I'm a Virginia Knitter/Spinner...stop in for a spell.

Crafty Neko
My craft blog.

Scarlet Knits
Scarlet knits, and rambles about it.

Knitting Alpacas
a place where I can share my love of the fiber arts and the joy of raising alpacas.

haphazard knitter
knit, crochet & sew. sometimes i finish things too!

Being a true Southern, having a great time knitting and raising three boys.

Christina's Attic
A knitting site written by a SAHM with two young children

Lisathemom's Blogspot
tidbits about knitting, sock knitting, spinning and yarn

random thoughts from a full time mama, full time OR nurse, and someone who, according to her husband, is addicted to knitting!

Three Bags Full
The unravelings of the mind of a G*R*I*T*S who knits.

Covered In Yarn
All about the twist and turns of the yarn on my needles and weavings of the world.

Casting On Couch
mostly knitting random thoughts from a librarian in Atlanta

the Knitting_Bea
Just my Blog - where my finished and not so finished knitting projects show up! A jumping off place, hoping you'll be as inspired as I am when I go visit others on the community!

My Favorite Things.....
Journal about all my favorite things including knitting, sewing, cross stitch, painting, and crafts of all kinds.

2 Sticks and a stcommunity
This blog is about knitting and how other things of life are interwoven around knitting.

karen's knitting and crochet parlor
A place to promote the art of knitting and crocheting

A pierced & tattooed Georgia knitter and spinner blogs about motherhood, fiber arts & daily life.

The Roller Coaster of Emotions when I Knit

Knitiot Savant
Knitting, living, thinking and being a mom.

la la la
This is where I randomly babble about the knitting & spinning, or lack there of, in my life with some other stuff tossed in.

Like The Queen
Wordy gal, no wonder she's a librarian, who knits and spins along the Rappahannock River in lovely Upper Tidewater Virginia.

Carrieoke's Knitting Blog
I was born and bred in the South - Georgia, thank you. I don't always love everything about the South but I do love our BBQ, hot weather, hospitality, and knitting. Well, I just added the last one since ...

Elabeth Knits
This is just my personal knitting stuff. I had to make a separate journal for it because people were complaining over at my regular journal that all I ever talked about was yarn. LOL

Daily Thread
My personal blog. I'm a South Carolinian by college degree and marriage, and a Southerner by heritage (I have many Lousiana kinfolk).