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This community is for knitters and knit bloggers who live in the Southern United States.

UrbangypZ's Stitch n' Bitch
Alabama girl blogs about crafts and rants in Asheville, NC.

Knitting Noodles
Notes on what I'm knitting, how I'm knitting it and what I'm learning along the way.

Strands of Thought
Life is like a ball of yarn. Sometimes it's soft and smooth, sometimes it's itchy, sometimes it's in knots, and sometimes the cat eats it.

High Energy Knits
I'm from OK originally, moving to GA this winter, so Rach said I could sign up! Howdy ya'll! Drop on by anytime.

Knitting and diving and whatever else my little heart desires in Miami, Florida

Dust Bunnies Can Wait!
Just a place for me to talk about my current projects, post pictures, and basically bitch about things :-)

Knitter Navy Wife
I ama Navy wife living In Virginia. I took up knitiing just a few months ago. I am brand new at this blogging thing so have patience, please.

The Crafty Wench
KY girl who made good in So Cal, but still goes home for spcommunity and fall (to wear sweaters of course!). Always visits the LYS with mama, who taught me to knit and loves it just as much as I do.

Yes I Knit
Knitting blog from Clayton, NC

Juli's Jots
A blog about my various knitting and craft projects, and whatever else I decide to throw in. :)

The Bloomin' Basket
My corner for knitting and tea as I muddle along

One Stitch Short
The life and knitting adventures of a girl from Texas who is sometimes One Stitch Short of a sweater.

Mason-Dixon Knitting
Kay lives in Manhattan, Ann lives in Nashville . . . a knitterly correspondence.

Confessions of a Yarn-a-holic
South Carolina knitter.

Suzann's TextileFusion
Texan knitter also loves crochet,sewing, quilting, and embellishment. She often uses them all in one piece. Her adventures chronicled here.

Approaching Glory
My place in cyberspace to tell a yarn, play with yarn, and learn about yarn. Y'all are welcome to come and visit.

a knitting blog

Knitting In Motion
This is my knitting and travel journal.

Knitting thru adversity and health challenges

A catchall for all my Craft Projects.

Stitchin' blog of a Tar Heel livin' in Virginia with a lively kiddo and too many projects on the needles (and on my mind) ~

Community Around the Rosies
Knitting and rosiness from the Heart of Dixie.

Knitting, with Dogs

Quiddity - A Knitting Blog
Ruminations about knitting and other pursuits.

My knitting, other crafts and my life.