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This is a community for everyone who has left AOL's journals for greener pastures. A cornucopia of various journals from a community that we once knew as J-land.

Heartfelt Expressions 2
If you remember Heartfelt Expressions from AOL's "J-land" you've found me again! I have some posts archived and current ones posted as well Please feel free to comment and link ;)

The Daily Purge
Y'all know a daily purge of random thoughts and ideas can make anyone feel better...

Poetry Dance Hall
A place where poets and would-be-poets can come share, read, and have fun with poetry. Contests and more fun on a bi-weekly basis. Have graphics or photographs to great to not be shown off? Submit them ...

Dark Moon Designs
Welcome to Dark Moon Designs... Please note, that while I am not the creator of the graphics, photos or tubes used in my creations, they do reflect my interests & who I am... I do all my work in PSP 9, ...

Welcome To My World

Animal Spirits
lesbian, animals and nature lover, shamanism, finding balance in an unbalanced world, zoo volunteer, nature photography, animal communication, journeying, bird watching, nature photography, spending my ...

still randomly rambling
ranting, raving, reveling, me and walter, we do it all.

lynda's lullaby 2
a lullaby is a cradle song which bcommunitys a soothing calmness, a lull or calm interval in a storm, or a momentary cessation of noise or activity. this is my lullaby to myself and others who may rel ...

Not Weird, I'm Eccentric - A Jackie Blog
My blog carried on from its original Jackie's Quirky Musings on AOL

There's a Time for Everything
A blog about my life and my views of the world around me.

A Crazy Quilt Life
Spirituality, marriage, parenthood, friendships, work, housekeeping,health, sex, money, animals, ideas, dreams and goals are all just like scraps of cloths in a drawer. I'm taking them out and trying to ...