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The United Conservative Network was created to inform and expand the ideals of the Conservative. This network of Conservatives will work together and unite as one.

A conservative view from the Midwest

Deceitful Obama
My web rsite is dedicated to bcommunitying to light the lies propagated by Barack Obama. His liberal attitude will socialize America and this needs to stop.

Barkhamsted Republican Town Committee
Barkhamsted Republican Party Web-Quarters. News, information, links,{;}jokes, orientation, voter registration.

Right Minds
A conservative web home featucommunity a lively discussion forum, original opinion, news and links.

A Republican News Source
This site has over 400 conservative web site links, and over 50 news links from around the world. It has over 20 daily columnist links, and other fun things such as a photo gallery, polls, and parody ...

Republican Politics
A site designed to showcase my Republican essays (which are updated, Republican free stuff that I make (like wallpaper, cursors ect.), and links to other free Republican Stuff. I am a 15 year old who is ...

On The Right Side
Tired of liberal lies and half-truths? So am I, and I am doing something about it for all of us. Read my columns On The Right Side and Listen to 90 seconds of undiluted truth On The Right Side.

The Conservative
A site where you will get the news behind the news and an outlook on world events and happening that you will not get in the mainstream news media

TruthSavvy Online
We are dedicated in furthecommunity the Republican conservative ideals and values and exposing the party of gays, deviants, liberal-socialists, and the morally corrupt, namely the Democrat Party, who are ...

925 Blog
A place for conservative, news and opinions.

Save Yourself. Stop the Government
"1001 Reasons Why Big Government is Bad for Personal Freedom" The blog of a formerly brainwashed liberal in the state of New Jersey that has broken out of the trap by the recent radical over reach for ...