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If you're lucky enough to own a Renault, depending where you live, finding the parts and repair help that you need may be difficult. Luckily this community can make things a lot easier and help you find all you need to get your Renault on the road and keep it running!
Use this Renault community to find Renault Used Cars for Sale. We also have what you need as far as Renault Parts, Service Shop Repair Manuals and more for Renault for all years too!

Renault Cars For Sale, Parts, Manuals
We have Renault Used Cars for Sale. WE also carry Renault Parts, Service Shop Repair Manuals and Renault for all years.

Renault Cars For Sale and More
We have Renault Used Cars for Sale. Find your Renault Parts, Service Shop Repair Manuals and Renault Cars for all years right here.

Renault Raced to the Future
For those of us living in a part of the world that rarely sees a Renault--if ever--it's hard to believe that this auto maker is infact one of the largest in the world! But while we in the Americas are driving about in our GMs and Fords and so fourth, across the pond in Europe, Renaults are making their way along cobblestone streets and highways that lead to all of those places that we here would have to fly to!
Producing cars since late 1897, the French automaker Renault has become the world’s fourth largest auto manufacturer through strategic global alliances and a reputation for revolutionary designs.

The corporation was founded in 1899 as Société Renault Frères by Louis Renault, his brothers Marcel and Fernand, and his friends Thomas Evert and Julian Wyer. A bright, aspiring engineer, Louis had already designed and built several models before teaming up with his brothers, who handled company management.

Louis gave a friend of his father’s a test ride in the first Renault car, the Renault Voiturette 1CV, on Christmas Eve 1898. His father’s friend was so impressed with the tiny car that he gave the fledgling designer a wonderful Christmas gift – he bought the automobile.

Like other European carmakers of their era, the Renault brothers immediately recognized the marketing value of putting their cars into motor races. The Renault company made headlines by winning the first city-to-city races in Switzerland. Both Louis and Marcel Renault raced company cars, but Marcel was killed in an accident during the 1903 Paris-Madrid race, and after that Louis never raced again. Nontheless, Renault cars continued to figure prominently in European motorsports, with Ferenc Szisz winning the first-ever Grand Prix motor racing event driving a Renault AK 90CV in 1906.

Renault’s reputation for innovative design was founded from its beginnings. The company launched the first sedan car in 1899. Renault also manufactured taxis, buses and commercial trucks during the years preceding World War I. During the war years the company built military airplanes and the revolutionary Renault FT-17 tank.

After the war, Louis Renault expanded the company to build agricultural and industrial machinery, but it struggled to compete in the market for small, affordable “people’s cars.” In 1925 Renault changed its “bonnet badge” from a circle to the familiar diamond shape that continues today.

Life changed drastically during the Nazi occupation of France during World War II, Nazi Germany forbade the production of automobiles and set Louis Renault's factories to work producing trucks for their war effort. As a result Renault was arrested during the liberation of France as a Nazi collaborator in 1944. He died in prison before he could prepare a defense. An autopsy showed later that his neck had been broken, suggesting that he was murdered.  The provisional government of France seized all of Louis Renault’s industrial assets and nationalized the company as the Régie Nationale des Usines Renault under the leadership of Pierre Lefaucheux.

Renault proved itself a competent rival for the Morris Minor and Volkswagen Beetle in the post-war years. Popularized against by motor racing, Renault’s 4CV was succeeded by the Dauphine, a model that provide popular in Africa but failed to catch on in North America. Renault launched the Renault 4 and Renault 8 in 1961 and 1962 respectively. The R8 continued Renault's traditional rear-engine layout, but the R4 started the revolution to front engine/front wheel drive. R4 production continued until 1992.

It was finally decided that Renault’s state-owned status was holding it back, and the company went private in 1996. During the early years of the 21st century Renault began to develop a reputation for distinctive, outlandish auto design. Today, Renault S.A.’s alliance with Nissan has made it the world’s fourth largest automaker. Renault owns both Korean automaker Renault Samsung Motors and Romanian automaker Automobile Dacia.
For those of us who are lucky enough to have a Renault on the road or possibly hidden away in our garages as they wait for parts and repair; finding these parts can be  a little tricky since there aren't too many options here as far as dealers and vendors that you can just pop over to when the need arises! Luckily a little online search can lead you to the cars, parts and manuals that you need to keep your Renault happily on the roads of this side of the world or maybe even finally get yours out of the garage and back out where it belongs!