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Remember The Innocent was started to remember the individuals who lost their lives due to unnecessary violence.

Slvrbraid's Cove II-The Light Missing Children
My site was originally designed for my preemie son Justin who was born almost 4 months early and weighed 1 pound 6.6 ounces. I have now included a Missing Children and People page in hopes of aiding families ...

A Tribute To Rachel Scott
This site was made in loving dedication to a true angel. Rachel Joy Scott will{;}forever live on in the hearts of her{;}family and her many friends around the nation!

For Andy Williams
For Andy Williams and all the others who are tormented, ridiculed, harassed, and physically abused by their own peers. Contains photos, contact info, and links.

David Draheim's site proclaiming his innocence. Shows jury did not see all evidence.

America Weeps
My memorial to those who lost their lives in the cowardly attack upon our nation on 9/11/01.{;}

Tribute To America
A tribute to America, and all those affected by this tragedy.

Marcia's Web Pages
A site for shacommunity about my family, my testimony, displaying graphics in the form of calling cards and globes, and has poetry, encourgement, and holiday pages.

Guarding Angels Of America
This site is dedicated to searching for missing children and unidentified people. We feature unsolved homicide cases in hopes we can bcommunity justice to the victim's families. The site also helps teach ...

Im Memory Oh Rhys
In Memory Of My Angel Rhys.

Cilla's Site
Columbine Dedication Page plus more fun stuff on my main page

Char's Homepage
This site, although it has my name as the title, is to remember the victims of the Columbine High School shooting.

Too Young To Die
This site is dedicated to a young husband-father, who was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer, on March 3, 1997. On October 13, 1997, he died in his sleep, at the age of 37. I have vital info on getting ...

Meet My Beloved Daughter
Rachel My Only Child Was In A Tragic Auto Accident. I Miss Her So Much & Long To Be With Her Once Again. Momma

Sandi's Little Corner of Cyberspace
I have a family site with some great recipes, household tips, lake applets, a kids links page and much more. Come on in for a visit.

Remember The Innocent
This is the site where you sign up for the community.

Sept 11, 2001, terrorist attack, World Trade Center, Pentegon, American Airlines 11, American Airlines 77, United Airlines 175, victims, survivors, anthrax, Americas day of Tragedy. Help, Email, extra ...

Mandefender World Community
Greetings, we are creating a world community of webs of the man's discrimination and we would like them to unite to create a world platform of fight. Site About the Man´s Rights Anillo de webs que luchan ...

We Must Never Forget
Simple memorial page for Columbine...a few images, and over lots of related links

The Compassionate Friends of Albuquerque
The Compassionate Friends offer support for bereaved parents, tips for coping with grief, children's memorial pages and so much more.

The W5WWW 09-11-01 Memorial Page!
This 09-11-01 memorial site includes facts on the 09-11-01 attacks, 09-11-01{;}links, 09-11-01 web-communitys, 09-11-01 ribbon campaigns, etc. etc. Additional{;}pages included on Law Enforcement, Ham Radio, ...

Eine wunderschöne Page,Humor,Award's,Award's Vergabe,Globbel's,Quilts u.s.w.Schaut doch einfach mal vorbei!Ein Besuch lohnt sich auf jedenfall bei Network2002 und Familie

Katelynn's World
This site is all about my little angel, Katelynn Marie.

True American Heros
Honocommunity POW/MIA's from the Viet Nam war.Links to my three adopted POW/MIA.{;}Steven Adams,USAF,Rodney Griffin,USA,{;}Randolph Suber,USA Macv-SOG Special{;}operations.They are true American Heros{;}and ...

Jesus Loves U 2 - Are you thinking of SUICIDE? Let me tell you what I found.
This site is dedicated to the people of the World. Jesus loves U 2, and gave his life for us all. On this site you will find many things. Like how to be born again, different Bible studies, some pics, ...

It Takes a Village...
A page that is dedicated to promoting nonviolence. It contains lots of resources to help pave a better future for our children!