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Redneck Sites. Humor, Jokes, Southern Hospitality and fun. Yankee Bashin, vittle recipes, top Country sites, Country Entertainers, and much more..{;}Yee Hawwww

jokes, free hotbar skins, news, links, holiday page, country midis, thought archive, communitys

A site about rednecks, cowboys, country music, with a lot of photos....

This Is Country
a major site about country music, cowboys, rednecks, pictures, boots.{;}{;}And much, much, much more...{;}

Truck Driver Meals
{;}Truck drivers. Stop spending so much money on food while over the road. Stop eating unhealthy food at high truck stop prices. Start a home business you can take with you as you drive.

Duk's Down Home Page
Texas humor, history, poetry, pictures, art & more

The redneck adventures of Mutt and Jeff
a real necked outview of life and amusing stories of Jeff~Bob and Mryna~Mae and other interesting Redneck links and sites to see

Redneck Start Page
Awonderful Redneck site that alot of folks use for their start page, fun, jokes, games,email and search engines.


This is actually a sub-part of a bigger site, but it is the section dedicated to country, pick-ups, logging, and all things redneck!

Home of this community, the Dixie Community, and Top Country Sites List. Get yer Southern Humor, Vittle Recipes, Jokes and More right 'Cher..all good clean fun

URSA - University of Redencks S.E. Alabama
Earn a non-accredited degree at URSA!

The Southern Way
Southern humor, cooking and more.

The Lynyrd Skynyrd Band
Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute site with biography on original band, original song lyrics, online southern rock club

Mandy's Place
All about Mandy!

Glenn's Webpage
My southern home on the web. Just a little about me and stuff that interests me.

"Country Humor"
Humor Country style{;}

Country Tidbits by Shaunagh
On my site, you'll find tons of mousemade graphics, backgrounds, buttons, webpage sets, banners and more - all made with PSP7. There are funny one-liners, stories to touch your heart, and much more! ...

southern pride
{;}{;}This site is mostly fer rednecks entertainment but i do got a little bit of stuff bout myself and my family also sum good ol stuff bout my heritageand sum more cool stuff bout southern livin

Redneck Zoo
What Rednecks do and were they live.{;}

The Life and Times of Elivs Buford Persley and the Utopia Trayler Park
This is all bout me..Elivs B Persely and dah Utopia Trayler Park in Nawf Carolina. All ya'll are inveyeted to comes an has a look at trayler park livin at da bestest park in the good ol us of a

Front Porch Furniture, NC
"Front Porch Furniture, NC"!{;}See WILD redneck rebels fight the EVIL General Attorney and take on the New World Order. Visit a hidden world of trailer parks, renegade nuns, (possibly) tainted peanut brittle, ...

Texas-It;s Like a Whole Other Country!
This site is dedicated to Texas and the South with almost 40 separate sub-pages and numerous up-to-date links (way too many to list here)! You gotta' check it out!{;}

The Queen of Trailer Park Cuisine and author of the Down Home Trailer Park series shares her photos and stories with fans and friends.{;}

AC Mountain View Ranch
horse sales, and redneck web links!

Reed da web in a hole new waay. Redneck!
We have taken Google, Yahoo and MSN and translated them inta Redneck Slang. Translate any Web Page, Blog or RSS feed as well! Tons of tools yew can use on yore own web syte!