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For Pagan Warriors. Martial artists, warrior traditions, political activists. Our main focus is on the serious walker of the warrior path, whether your site is about spirituality, training, history, mythology, other, or a combination. Reenactment sites welcome if they are focused on recreating historical military methods. RPG sites will now be allowed only if they are VERY interesting.

Dn Sgthan
Two Scottish (one more Celtic, one more Northern)Reconstructionist warrior path walkers, their Greyhounds, horses, and homesteading efforts. Articles including one on women warriors, the Picts, Celtic ...

Pat Fish's Tattoo Santa Barbara
Tattoo artist Pat Fish bcommunitys the beautiful and intricate knotworks of the illuminated Celtic manuscripts and the Pictish carvings to life in the skins of modern Celts.

I am the author of several books in print and this site allows readers access to such. I'm High Priestess of an Australian Coven called WildWood Gate and an ardent archer and exponent of several martial ...

Red Branch Community
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Reverend Gwynarion Elessacar invites you to join him in investigating the ancient and modern spiritual paths of paganism, pantheism, and the way of the warrior.

Comhraiceoir Bata
INTRODUCTION{;}{;}This page is entirely devoted to the art of Irish stick fighting in it's many forms and incarnations. From{;}the Lorga Iarnai/(iron tipped cudgel) to the Cleith ailpi/n(cudgel), the art ...

The Winds Of War
A Tribute to all horses who fought in war throughout history. Photographs, links, history, lake applets.

Coyote's Celtic CrossRoads
The Celtic Crossroads is a historically based website, with a special board for Celtic Warriorship reconstruction, as well as the laws, myths, folklore, archaeology, gods, and the study of Cultures. I ...