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Click Member link to see site in tvGraphomania in the snow
The diary of an amateur writer and fandom sociologist

Apt. 11D
She's raising two kids in a four floor walk-up in New York City while trying to keep the career on the backburner. Is she insane? (It's natural red, thank you very much)

something witty
something witty - as seen on TV

want some candy, little girl?
If life really was a box of chocolates, I'd be a frigging heifer.

Beat The Hell Outta t.u.!
Just the everyday ramblings of a delirious Texas Aggie

The Cat\'s Meow
They said I should write a book about my life...problem is, no one would believe it was true!

Well of Thoughts
A blog by 21 year old English blogger, Catherine - a pagan arts and crafts enthusiast :)

postings from a passionate, REDHEADED, city-girl Knitter, who LOVES dogs to pieces & is proud to be one of the 4%. (:

xohyperchild\'s xanga site
my thoughts on feelings on random events

The Almighty DQ
Weird yet inspicommunity at times

My Tilted Perspective
my livejournal mostly random quiz results stories from my ultra interesting life

Jens Galore
Lots of Jennifers, but only one me.

My knitting blog! And I'm a redhead.

What Jeannie Dreams of...

Darkside of Knitting
This is my blog primarily about my knitting (or it\'s supposed to be), my cats, what goes on in my life around all of this and just what ever thought crosses my mind.

Impish intents as I randomly bounce and fidget: My life, my travels, my studies, my psychotic rantings, whinging and demented sense of humor. Welcome to my swirling world.

moosifer jones' grouch

La la la la lemon
Everyday Lunasea from a redhead mama and her redheaded boy

Who needs this anyway
the place where i can say whatever and there is nothing you can do about it.

krista's blog
blog of redhead from central new york. werd.

Neurotic Fitch Mom
My journey through the triumphs and tragedies of day to day life with 4 kids.

Get Involved with Lola Wolf
The musings of an inner-city, wild haired gal stuck in independence mode... get real, get an opinion, and get involved with Lola Wolf

Welcome to PANDE's Web World.. (';')
Shreenath Deshpande's Home page (http://pande.info)....Here are some of my documents,photos, haveri friends, uttara karnata memmories,my songs, linux related stuff,c programming (projects like OLTP,XCC,SRIasm ...

Perle Moon
the redhead ragamuffin's craftier side

Woozie's Weblog
The best bread and public transport weblog in the world!

Writings of the Heart
I started this site to help me deal with the pain and frustration of my disability. It also helps to keep my family up to date. Thanks for checking it out.

Nagy Blog
Journal and personal commentary on the small events of life, sailing, chess and the world.

Everybody's changing...

Some Crazy Messed Up life
It is my online journal...also there is a link in the friends of to view pictures of me and my love of my life Kyle (Cynidepunch)

A Voice of Hope
The ramblings, rantings and writings of a West Coast redhead recently transplanted into the South

FireNResq\'s Blog
Just a random collection of thoughts by me. Poems and quotes and just everyday stuff.

The Raven's Retreat
My personal place to ramble, rave, and bare my soul. Memes, family life, current news, Pagan spirituality ... anything that piques my interest.

Balance My Chaos
Blog about the chaotic life of an unorganized Christian sahm with 3 beautiful girls.

Rainyday Confessions
Rainyday Confessions and Mostly True Stories You wont believe the things that happen here But I swear they are mostly true or my name isn't Rainyday~Superstar

Blogety Blog Blog Blog
Random ramblings about my knitting and my dog.

A Little M
Its just me. Exposed.

Poetic Sentiments
I love poetry and knitting..

Moonflower Child
Just my blog, rants and raves about things that bug me or excite me.

Papa John\'s Place
Ramblings from a very proud father, and self-proclaimed Pop Culture geek!

A Strange Feather
A collection of my favorite poems

My Blog
A site full of 100% redheadyness

ishy\\\'s storage space
ishy\'s blog

What I Really Think
A personal blog of a freshman college student that tells of her daily life, trials, and tribulations, along with the good times, too.

blog of a redhead
eclectic modge-podge of rambles, rants, raves and depraves.

My Muse Is A Whore
The blog of a gregarious, misanthropic mad scientist. Based on a true story.

infinitely pie
General silliness in the form of rants, stories and photoshopped images.

Trinity Knot
Just a collection of things that are a part of me and random thoughts.

Khun Kaos Blog
Its just my BLOG....

Red Tigress\' Lair
The amazing thoughts, dreams, emotions, aspirations, and opinions of RedTigress

Random thoughts...from a random redhead.