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A community for redheaded webloggers.

Tokyo Redhed
Being red and wanting to be read in Tokyo

amandafiles is a collection of daily occurences and factoids that amanda finds absurd or, at the very least, slightly off. amanda is of the scandiavian redhaired sort, pale strawberry, long fuse, huge ...

Kim\'s Blog About Nothing
A blog about nothing in this Central California redhead's world.

One of (literally) red-headed stepchildren of sports, a crew coxswain.

Pourvu qu'elle soit douce
This is my place to vent on the net. A lot of it is writing-related, as I am an aspicommunity (i.e. wannabe) writer. A lot of it is personal. some of it might even be interesting.

the mostly true story of a wild-ass-crazy-crack-whore who refuses to admit he's in his mid 30s.

A montage of thoughts and reactions to news and politics, fitness and nutrition, usually with a bent on personal responsibility and individualism (and silliness).

Red Turns Heads
Just a lively little journal about one redheads hold on humanity.

Redhead Blogs
The home of the Redhead Blogs community. Join us!

Raging Insecurities of a Middle Aged Witch
Personal online journal

Reality Crutch
The web journal of Arianna.

I Do Not Belong To This World At All
Personal blog for rants about anything and everything.

Jennlee's Whine and Cheez Party
Miscellaneous rantings from a fellow redhead

dreaming in denmark
nothing to do with Denmark, really, or even pastries. just the musings of a 30something woman living on the fcommunityes of the Hub.

RedJen's Home
A personal site, where I discuss, rant, ponder things going on in my life and around me.

Cathy's Catalogue of Miscellaneous Thoughts
A catalogue of miscellaneous thoughts... as the name suggests.

this little life of mine
Welcome to this little life of mine.

Rants about crabs
A small little blog with a completely random name that records the doings and thinkings of little ole me. Has a link to my main site.

Tine's blah blah blah blog
Daily journal about a Belgian housewife.

So anyway...
The mental meandecommunitys and emotional adventures of an eccentric expatriate designer. Or something. {;}

mary's little life
journal of a twentysomething single, feminist girl living on her own in lexington ky.

grep computer(s)
Technology is a major part of our everyday lives - even when we don't realize it. Computers just happen to be a bigger part of my life than most others. However, they aren't *all* there is to my life. ...

Mi Vida Loca: welcome to my crazy life
My life and times. Plenty of misadventures and just plain craziness. If you like to "color outside the lines", then you'll know where I'm coming from. So, get in, sit down, shut up and hang on!

Enchilada Sunrise
Ramdom ramblings and the occasional brain splurge from a 30-something geek goth-ish knitter! Not a natural redhead, but a proudly dyed one.

My Glass Eye
My humorus description of my daily life veiwed through a glass eye. Constructive Deconstruction.