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Stories and Book by Diane
A collection of books and short stories by Diane.

Bookclub - A place for bibliomaniacs
Read lots of reviews of old favourites and new releases. You can submit your own reviews too. Follow links to favourite author sites, publishers, and many other sites for booklovers. I've got a special ...

The Beauty and the Irishmen
A site dedicated to the release of two new interracial romance novels.

Roman History Reading Group
We discuss Roman history related fiction, nonfiction, ancient historians, historical mysteries twice a month. The site has a reading list and many Roman and Mediterranean history related links.

Marcia's Book Journal
Reviews and commentary on the books I'm reading, generally on the topics of astrology, yoga, meditation, spiritual living, science fiction and fantasy, and writers and writing. The Book Journal is part ...

Eric's Books & Music
Eric's Books & Music is a site dedicated to showing visitors the books I am currently reading, have read in the past, plan on reading in the future, and giving ideas about books to fellow readers.

So Many Books
Books I'm reading, books I'd like to read, books I have read and links and comments on book news.

Alicia's Writing Forum
This site is for my favorite author, Faye Brown.

Far From Here - A book corner
Una traccia delle mie letture. Gli incipit dei libri letti

Dancaster Creative Writing
Showcase for 7 novels and novellas, 8 books of poetry, 11 plays and a number of essays on a variety of subjects by E C Patterson.

Raven Queen's Domain
Our site is all about books, specifically those of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Classics, history, legends mythology, anything that tempts our fancy. Authors bios and facts, musings on the legends are included ...

Resolute Reader
One man's odyssey through the world of the books.

My name is Elena. I'm 17 years old and a bibliophile (a lover of books). Bibliophile is a place for me to review the books I read. My favorite genre is fantasy, but I'll read just about any fiction. I ...

Ripping Things to Shreds
I bash giant gaping holes into books, movies, and theater in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. And if you think that's bad, you should see what I do to the stuff I don't like!

J. A. Clarke, Romance Author
Step with me into worlds both present and future, and discover bold heroes and feisty heroines...

Shelly\'s Book Shelf
Book Reviews, Book Memes, All About Reading

Ed's Opinion
Ed's Opinion is a site dedicated to bcommunitying you Ed's famous opinions straight from Ed. Ed reads too much and is slightly more educated than the general public. His opinions are highly regarded amoungst ...

My first story. Please send me your comments at: manorg@intnet.mu

Sophisticated Souls of Learning Book Club
This is an African American book club located in Memphis, Tn. We meet once a month to discuss books by some of our favorite authors. For more information please visit our site.

This page is part of my family's website. On it I chat about the latest books I'm reading, books I hope to read soon and I also do reviews on books. I am constantly in the middle of several books at a ...

ItOpens - Opening Lines Of Books And Poems
This site is dedicated to openings, in particular the opening words (first lines) of books, the opening lines of poems and (coming soon) songs, plays and films. The books included so far are mainly (but ...

domynoes.com booklog
shacommunity what i read, believing reading is a lost art, inspired by others who have joined a year of reading, a log about books.

Fausti\'s Book Quest
I\'m a girl with a plan to read all the best books ever written... and then some. Stop by and take a peek at my thoughts, feelings and opinions on all the books I\'ve devoured.

The Bibliophage
Dedicated to the love of reading featucommunitys news, reviews, and criticism related to books.

The Restricted Section
Two Georgia belles reviewing a whole heap of interesting books while we wait for Harry Potter seven. Stop by and join us.

Bibliophile : A Reader\'s Blog
A blog with book reviews, musings and fangirling.

Out Of My Mind
A site devoted to the promotion of literature, art, music, film and other wonderful things. Top 100 lists in many areas of literature. A poetry forum for the readers.

I am ElvenWolf
Free adoptable dragons and eggs. Author site about new book just out. Binding Magic is told by a 12-year-old witch. Her paternal grandmother crossed over and came back as a ghost. Synopsis of story ...

For Flying Servants Only.......
The official site of new horror author Kristin Battestella! Reviews, book excerpts, pictures, blog and more!

dovegreyreader scribbles
The scribbles of a bookaholic, sock knitting quilter

Naomi Dathan
The complete romance novel The Temptation of Mrs. Emily Templeton is available to read online, and the novel Appleseed is being released in blog installments. Guest authors post their work as well, and ...

Crème de la Crème: Agatha Christie
Comprehensive Agatha Christie facts and works list with book summaries and early edition book covers

I Think, Therefore I Review
Reviews and commentaries from author Kristin Battestella! Not just blurbs on all things popular, stop by for criticial analysis of TV on DVD, classic films, essential books, and more!

A Gaggle of Book Reviews
This is a site dedicated to reviewing books for all the members of the family - from children's picture books through tween and young adult novels through fiction and non-fiction for adults. We are ...

Mirella Patzer
The home page of historical fiction author, Mirella Patzer

Bloodstone Castle
Enter into the world of Bloodstone Castle and discover the secrets of the ancient buried treasure. An extraordinary Italian medieval romance.

Amateur de Livre
A place for book reviews, contests, raffles, giveaways, and anything else book related.

Mr. Eha's Place
A well-furnished apartment for fans of Walter R. Brooks and the Freddy the Pig books...

Me! Bookworm
"Only in books mankind known, perfect truth, Love and Beauty."

Make Literature Online
Imagine how exciting Fiction Stories would be if they were devised and neatly fashioned by the avid anticipation of the readers themselves. Explore, Read, Discuss, Publish, Share.. at the place where readers ...

"Drawing Stories...With Words"
This is my dedication and commitment to my personal works, my novels and short-stories, as well as marketing tips and tricks for other independent/self-published authors like myself. You can find links ...

Vanessa's Book Nook
Vanessa's Book Nook is a personal site filled with plenty of book reviews, games, quizzes, quotes, and lots of other fun stuff!

Marta's Meandecommunitys
Book reviews and stuff!

DK's Soapbox
The Official Blog of acclaimed author Dixon Kinqade.

644 links and counting! The Elibrary has books classified by genre - Mystery, SF, Adventure, Romance and Humour - with short summaries and links to online texts.

Ozeecommunity -The Community for all Australians
This site is for all Australia lifestyles and that includes schools, education,universities,events,hobbies,sports.local communities,local government, Australian issues and meeting up with other likeminded ...

Scarlett May Blossom's Diary - Ceilings I Have Seen
One of the funniest new books for a long time. The book is now being made into an animated feature film and features great music together with groundbreaking Flash based animation. The web site is worth ...

A Novel Year, or One Girl's Attempt at Greatness Through a Seriously Geeky Endeavor
Follow one girl's attempt to read 365 books in 365 days. In a counter to a friend's yearly writing challenge, Sarah decides to take on a challenge of her own: To read a book a day for a year. Besides ...