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This Community is designed for sites which include reviews of books, book collections, reading lists, sites about a favorite author or genre of literature (except pornography, obviously) Compulsive readers unite!

Books, Books, Books
Many links for the book collector and the reading enthusiast with special emphasis placed on links to the mystery genre.

Book Chat Central
A community of on-line reading groups.

A spiritual exploration of the divine feminine and much more . . . please join my journey and learn with me.

Newspaper editor and history writer from Pennsylvania shares favorites from the bookshelf. Also features an online etymology dictionary.

Exxie's Book Lounge
It's 52 books in 52 weeks. See if I'll make it.

Great Books and Classics
Here you will find links to classic works of religion, philosophy, politics, science, history and literature from both East and West, spanning nearly four thousand years of human history. Works are indexed ...

Coconut Island Bookshelf
Imagine yourself stranded on a desert island with nothing to do but read books in the shade of swaying palm trees.... Which ones would you want on your bookshelf? These are some of our favorites!

SwankiVY's Lovely Literature Page
This is my page detailing the books and authors I like, with recommendations and reviews, with my book collection and reading lists available.

Ernie Seckinger's Reading, Books, and Literature Webpage
Reading. What is it? Is it perhaps the one true trait that separates us from the chimps? How does it work? I'm not sure I know the answers or how to articulate what I feel about reading. What should we ...

Scar-Face's Books Page
Books for kids and teenagers Diadem, 2099, Last on Earth, Watchers on many other books

Sime~Gen Inc.
A major entertainment, information, and education website for anyone with literary interests. We provide free fiction, book reviews, a free professional writing school, a thriving romance area, chats ...

Linda's Home Port
A personal, just for fun site for family and friends. Books, investing, sailing, travel, quilting and Pacific Northwest stuff!

Magical Stories of Carl L. Biemiller
Books by and information on Carl L. Biemiller, author for young readers.

Helen Benbow, Author
The official Web site of Australian writer, Helen Benbow, author of "The Dark Side of Eternity" quartet. Learn about her work, life and ideas and read her fascinating blog.

Aria's Stars
This is a site for the romantic; for one who loves life,one who lives in and out of the clouds, believes in fairies, angels, castles and knights; for one who tastes the rain, touches leaves, and still ...

Selafais Project Part IV
With{;}assosiation with the [Gods Dreamland] we will present to you the Selafais Project.{;}A Cthulhian fantasy Landscapes project in 6 parts.{;}

Malaspina.com - Book Room
Comprehensive Great Books site.

Sir Wally's Sci Fi Book Nook
Sir Wally, the Lordly white cat, hosts the Sci Fi Book Nook and features reviews of Science Fiction and Fantasy fiction from a feline POV. Entertaining family site that is child and animal friendly.

1st Choice Used Books; A Bookstore for All of Us
O MANY BOOKS, SO LITTLE TIME! Come save time and money with 1st Choice Used Books! We have it all: Bargain Books, Special Offers, Village Chat, Newsletter, Hunting & Gathecommunity Service, Thrillers, ...

Rambles, a cultural arts magazine
Rambles is a broad-based online cultural arts magazine with a strong focus on the literary and musical arts.

Jim Musgrave's Online Press Kit
Author and professor Jim Musgrave writes of terrorist intrigue and mind control; his writings on Anti-Semitism and cult control are insightful and predictive of recent breaking news. {;}

Summer Romance
Book review and other stories... In French !

Charlotte Bronte
One of my favorite authors is Charlotte Bronte. The Victorian writer went through hard times but was a success as a female writer in the victorian era.

Orocovis Chasm
Mystical Universe. Mystical Landcapes. Mystical Universe Project in 6 Parts. Desert, sea, sun, space, sand...

Romantic Reading
RomanticReading.com sells quality used romance paperback novels at reasonable prices, as well as fiction, horror, mysteries, and sci-fi books.