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The One Winged Foxy
The Homepage of the One and Only Ivestrael, Host of the Fluffy Luff Furries thread of IMVU's OT, and all-around adorable furre.


Ajira Khajiit's IMVU HomePage
Welcome, good friends! Have some moonsugar? Some catnip?

NinjoKat's Den

CatsuneRhapsody's IMVU HomePage

Instant Messanger

EmoMillie's IMVU Page
EmoMillie's IMVU Page

My IMVU homepage!

i like black but i am a emo white tiger cat! i can fly but scared of heights! b my friend nd welcom 2 the dark side!

Dragonboi\'s lil lair
My lil place. Always looking for some fun from those intelligent and creative...who like to have a dragon of their own to toy with :)


XxHimechanxX's Divine Den
The Divine Den of XxHimechanxX Has music, has quizzes and it will soon include a selection of flash games too ^^ Just come and visit


Home of the Purple Lovin Fur
Just a fun IMVU homepage 'bout a crazy, purple-lovin' panther who writes poems and posts 'em here. Also, great place to meet other people/furs. As well, I LOVE to chat and meet new people, so have at ...

Retro Styleee
D: Just another Furry IMVU profile in the community..

Fennec Wolfox's IMVU Homepage
My name is Fennec! Gamer, furry, artist, Anime fan, and IMVU member! Come drop on by, or find me on IMVU! *Yip~!*

MusicFreak808's Hideout!
This site is just about me, nothing much =D

KaiLein's HomePage
Can't really describe it.. It's pretty basic with a moogle based theme.

a imvu my page site

DarkFairyTale's Page

my IMVU site.

Slayer's quarters
Just a site... Nothing more...

my avatar page: Jinukie
my imvu hp

StormGryffen's Page
StormGryffen's Webspace! For buddies of the gryphon, Followers of the birdgod, and absolutely bored complete strangers. StormGryffen's IMVU site comes complete with blogged wisdoms, the color blue, and ...


cum and see >:D

animal freak

Zephyrions page
not entirely aimed at furries, its just my page. careful not to crash, its quite big :3. i love meeting new furries, so pl0x stop by :D

My IMVU page, cha! Cha!

Leoop's world
My site isn't so furry as my avi .. But i think it has got furries spirit !! Enjoy... i hope you like it !!!


Tinarella's IMVU homepage
A leopard print webpage, hope you like!

Sylvesterlycos's Homepage
It is just my homepage...

Mitsugati's page
yay for furries


Grylor's home



Chelsey's (frenchcad7's) homepage

Ambaphoneix's den


The Doom Pit
This is just a pit...Of Doom!!!

Kage's Den

PrincessSofitia's Palace

i need some pack members

I'm not exactly a furry but I'm multiple. I can be a, saty, a demon, a cyberdemon, a vampire and human. But above all I'm evil

BabiD's Homepage
Ok, I usually dont go furry, but I adore them, I am a Panda Bear and I am very CUDDLY!!! SNUGGLE ME!!!


Merryjest's Profile Page
Maus' IMVU furry profile