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imve avie

my imvu home page tells a little about me and hopefully a place to come and maybe meet new furry friends

Luca's Den
hmmm,just see for yourself.

hi this is my homepage do hope u enjoy and if your a hellsing fan im sure youll love my page :) and if u just want to talk IM me

Lintux's Home
Home of friendly Furry, Lintux.

Ebak's world
Hiiii, I'm Ebak, the friendly feline. Feel free to drop by my page, you may pick up a new friend or to, be interested in the few things I made, or just want to chat with me ^^ all messages or gifts are ...

tech furry
furrys that love evangelion ,the gorillaz or any mecha styles


yay kitties!!

Epyrix's IMVU page
Hee! Epyrix's furry page.

Bomberkitty's HD
Welcome to the Head Den of the notorious (inside my own head) Bomberkitty! -boogies- Hope you enjoy your time. Feel free to send a report and I will get right back atcha! xD


Northern Fox.
homepage for me, northernfurry. on IMVU, I'm a furry Fox, and Literate. to some extent. xD

Just my homepage. Come visit if you feel like it :) I'm taken.


Kero's Homepage
I was turned into a furry about 1 and a half year ago when I discovered imvu! At that time there was only 3 fox ears and 3 fox tails ^^' Since then I almost always use feline sounds when im chating like ...


imvu homepage


Margay's HomePage



Darkbadness' nook
Still working on my homepage ^^; I love hugs and love to listen. I enjoy anime, video games, books, comics, as well as some more mature stuff I wont get into =P I also enjoy intellectual chats or just ...

Irish Tricia's Home!
This is where I can express myself, can't wait to chat!

Bizexual19's IMVU page
My IMVU page

hiya plz visit my page and my sis catluva and leave a friends reguest or a message or even a gift well only if you want bye =^_^=

Krissywaffle's homepage
Heyy! I'm another IMVU furry!! Check me out +_+

Me little home page!! :)
My home page... Enjoy!!!! Rawwwrrr!! =(-_O)= Furry pride rocks!!!


Amaroq's IMVU Homepage
Come by and chat with the most intelligent wolf mage ever!

Buck the Deer's IMVU
just me the deer on imvu


Pandemic's IMVU page
Just a simple pussy cat with slightly odd tastes. Dabbles in CG artwork of most types and will try almost anything once, with the possible exception of a hot soapy bath >.

Furry Pride Homepage!
Home page for the Furry Pride community! Functions as a gateway to signup instructions, FAQ and offers alternate community logos!

My Avatar Page: Shin22
This is my personal IMVU site, for Shin22, an original character of my creation.



IMVU: My avatar page: Guest_SaneIntolerant


Nachtritter's Homepage
My avatar's homepage.

Estrum's Page

Kayotic's IMVU page
Blog posts of cool new stuff on the internet, reviews of random stuff, etc.

Ayeaka's Profile
I'm a chimaera furry, roleplayer, writer, artist, and beginning fursuitist trying to finish up highschool. Feel free to drop me a line! I'm always happy to ramble on about something comicbook or art related. ...

IMVU: My avatar page: Guest_Lycianwerewolf13-Microsoft Internet Explorer
my IMVU homepage. go furries and werewolves!

My furry imvu page!


Darkfire's Haven
I'm a wolf of a different breed. Catch me if you can. ;-)

Just another furry geek homepage under construction

The Lair

Necromancer Evilbob's homepage
my homepage on IMVU... not much else really...