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Furry refuge! ^-^

razi's den
razi's retreat! Creator of the Furry Pride community (and slave to it, too)! New homepage being built for the community!!!

Dark's Page
Dark's furry side.

Ponygirl15's Homepage

Outsider The Fox

The Almighty SylverDragon
The homepage of the Almighty SylverDragon.

Paintzbat Homepage


Wilds den

The wolf's den
Welcome to my den...

navytiger's home page
My IMVU homepage

Riesiel's Avatar Homepage
This site is my avatar homepage for IMVU, my avatar is a wolf just in case you were wondecommunity.

Miyvka ~ Feline Goddess
I'm a Pagan, Acadian Canadian living in the US. I'm an animal-rights advocate and have a great love for music (which includes both listening to as well as creating). All other info, feel free to ask. I'm ...


Dolore's Homepage
Just the homepage of the manic depressive, yet poetic tiger Dolore.

InnerBeast's page
My hompege on IMVU

Darkmuzzle's page
Hey hey, just my lil IMVU page, noffin special. :)


shdwwolf avatar page


razi's favorite Maniac ;)

Alot of purple ^_^

~*~Shadow Kitty's Corner~*~ A place to meet and get to know a furry with a dark side!

Katie's Page
The home page of a very shy little snow leopard who has a love of stickers, cats and furries.

MakinBacon254's IMVU Homepage
Woo Hooooo

Skunky's place in the sun
Just a small little homepage on IMVU

My imvu page


Aesthetic Furor's IMVU Site
Aesthetic Furor's IMVU webpage!

Merru's Den
Nothin' much. Just my little plain den. Come on in. :)

Keaton Velox's IMVU Homepage

Py's Page
Just a feline furry's little haven on IMVU. Don't worry, it won't suck so much in the future. So I hope.

TakaTiger's Page
my Imvu site!

Bluemoo01's page
Easy to load. Fun site. Very summer -ish

Griph\'s Den
Nothing special, just me on my website xD Feel free to chat with me or add me to your buddies, i dont have a grudge against anyone^^ My interests? Well, drawinf and programming/animating in Flash, besides ...


Yogster the Jaguar

Phillious' home page

Just me.

Hazuharu's Den



TallD Artic Japan
I love anime, manga, movies, food, games, and cute outfits. Come talk to me about nearly anything! You'll be glad you did XP.

TheTippes IMVU
Just my IMVU home page. Its in progress to make it more of a furr look, but for now it is what it is.

Sketchkat's Homepage
My little IMVU corner ^^

RainyDay1010's Furry Homepage
Not much to say about a Furcadian homepage x_X

Kiznicks' Den
My personal avatar profile page with links to some interesting stuff and great music!


Lair of Shadows
A journey with a ceature of the shadows who is lycan by day and demon by night.