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A community for the furries of IMVU! Does your avi have fur, ears or a tail? Then you qualify! This is intended as a gathecommunity place for IMVU furries of all ages! Link up your IMVU homepage to all the other furries like you!


I'm a fox, a suave one.

One Foxy space
Let's be proud of our furry state in IMVU :D !

Daela's Place

Tiger Purrs
I'm a white tiger furry from Florida of the year 20. This is my site, why don't you stop on by and give me a shout out?



Marlin Fox's IMVU Home Page
This, my homepage, is where I can free my artistic side when I'm really, really, bored. ^_^ Enjoy!

Adelrausch's Profile

PrettyKittyKat's Home Page
It's my homepage =^-^=

I'm just starting out in IMVU so i guess my site discription would be "Messy Newb"

Ello, the names Ahrend Tyger an Im proud to be a fur, Rowl. . . Me just a simple goth fur that likes to draw an hang with some friends and they totally Kick-Ass! Also IRL though. I mostly go on furc really, ...

a dark site that has me as a furry, great puzzle to keep you busy aswell, enjoy!

RaymondVonWolf's Home Page

Jesse Harmon's IMVU page

Brishelle's Homepage
Welcome to the shri..er site of Bri

My hp
Hé :) This is my Fur Site.. I think =P

Moonxtal's Page
My page is mostly made up of 80's and 90's nostalgia, but now that my avatar has a 'muzzle' my long time wish to be a unicorn furry on IMVU has come true!

Jeff's IMVU
Its hyphy lol

IMVU profile

Simba's Home
Simba's IMVU Homepage

Fox's GetAway

imvu homepage
my imvu homepage

everyone welcome i have love for all!

ehurm eh ok