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Random Acts of Journaling is an online journal collaboration. Monthly topics will be based on random selections of photos, lyrics, poems, passages from books, etc.

mary's little life
\"so completely self absorbed\"

Ethereal Reflections
Just some random thoughts... some in depth and some completely trivial.

The Mad Ramblings of a Survivor Lunatic

a tour de force of self-absorption
This is who I am, today.

Antipodean journaller in the wolds of Southern New Jersey.

Random thoughts about my life, my faith, and my dreams. This is my space to share insights gained along the spiritual path, and as the mommy of two girls born nine years apart.

Funny the World
The musings of a middle aged adolescent.

... a quiet place to delve into the depths of my mind ...

what I've been doing while I've been away

of course I should be sleeping
the ramblings of a writer wandecommunity aimlessly through words (or so it might seem to the naked eye)

Soul Seeker
An online journal for me to reflect, think out loud, vent, discover myself, and a vast array of other things.

Chapters of My Life
This is a diary that was set-up so that I could share the story of LaDawnya Adams, her life and her story with the world.

ikss ~ journal
Mind Vomit by ikss

online weblog of a barely-social twenty-something (almost not!) grad student and mother of two from New England, now living in the midwest. hooooomesick.

Teenage Wasteland

OurPlace: Home of The Butterfly Gang
This web page is written by The Butterfly Gang to make people aware of abuse and mental health issues. It contains a link to our web journal. It is hoped in the new year that a page on journaling will ...

An online journal about being a new mommy, wife, and stepmommy.


Mad Musings
My Mad Musings are for those who want to listen and learn about how I see the world around me. Should it inspire anyone, I've done my job.

Reflections of Roses and Thorns
Have begun writing as therapy, following the death of my mother. I apologise in advance if some of the writing has a death fixation.

as if i have the answers
my thoughts for the world to see.. oh my.. :)

Brent's Journal
The journal/weblog of Brent Walker, a Traditional Animation Student in Chicago, Illinois

katiedibs - more dangerous than she looks
My bloggy place for ranting and keeping in touch with my friends. Hopefully I can use it to improve my writing.

Inside Times
An online jounrnal writen by a survivor of abuse. Will contain serious and not so serious entries.

Joshua King's Sphere of Thought
This blog is the musings of a creative young man from Kokomo, IN. He is a website designer, musician, writer, and college student. Step into his world...it\'s definately an exciting one.