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this Dodge Ram V10 Community to link web sites that have information pertaining to 8.0 liter V10 equipped Dodge Rams 1994 to present. This site contains Submission Rules and Submission Form. For existing Community Members it now contains the Editing Form to edit you site information and retrieve custom HTML Code for your particular site.

Dodge Ram V10 Net Community
The Dodge Ram V10 Community home page. This community is to link web sites that have information pertaining to 8.0 liter V10 equipped 1994 - present Dodge Ram trucks. This site contains Submission Rules, ...

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Along with my 1995 V10 Dodge Ram 4x4 SLT this web site contains a my personal For Sale/Wanted list, a Mopar Online Fleamarket, Classified Ad Links, Mopar Information, Family's Vehicles, Mopar Related/DaimlerChrysler/Automotive/Non-Automotive ...


Dodge is an automotive company that was founded by the Dodge brothers in 1914. Today, Dodge is a very well known, popular marque. Dodge makes everything from light to heavy-duty trucks as well as cars, vans, sport utility vehicles, and other vehicles. One of dodgeís most popular and best-selling trucks is the dodge ram. Dodge Ram enthusiasts are very excited to see the new 2009 dodge ram, which was unveiled this year at a car show in America.


V10 is a middle-of-the road engine, smaller and more economical than the v12, but larger and more powerful than the v8. It is called a v10 because it has 10 cylinders, arranged in a v-shape. The v shape of v-engines can be of different angles depending on how many cylinders and what works best with the particular engine. Some v10 configurations tend to run more smoothly than others because theyíre at slightly different angles. The dodge ram v10 was the first truck to use the v10 engine. However, many other car manufacturers were using v10s after the war including Lamborghini, Porsche, Volkswagen, ford, BMW, and Audi, among others. V10 were also widely used in formula 1 racing until 2006, when formula 1 changed its rules and only allowed the smaller v8 engines instead of the v10. But whatís in an engine? Engines are important because they have a lot to do with your dodge ramís performance. A big truck needs a powerful engine if itís to be used for carrying heavy loads or towing boats or trailers. Not to mention, a dodge ram itself weighs quite a lot.

Dodge Ram V10

Though the dodge ram v10 sells very well in the United States, it has received some criticism. The dodge ram v10 is a very high truck, so older people often have a harder time getting in and out of the vehicle. Also, surveys show that the dodge ram v10 pickup, at least the automatic version, is very fuel-inefficient. This is undoubtedly affecting dodge ram sales as gas prices keep increasing in north America. People are becoming more concerned with fuel efficiency, if not out of concern for the environment, then out of concern about rising gas prices. This is something to consider when buying a dodge ram v10 truck. You may be able to get a good price on a used dodge ram v10 as a lot of people are switching to smaller more fuel efficient cars and trucks. People will still want to buy trucks, but dodge will need to focus more on efficiency and green design if it is to compete with other truck manufacturers.

Dodge Ram Parts and Accessories

If you need dodge ram parts, the best place to check is probably your dodge ram dealer where you purchased your dodge ram. If youíve damage a part, a mechanic may be able to fix it or order the dodge parts that you need. Because the dodge ram is such a popular car, it should be fairly easy to find any kind of dodge ram parts youíre looking for. Also, because dodge ram trucks are not that old, most dodge ram parts are still being made and can be easily obtained. If you no longer live near the dodge ram dealership where you bought your car or if youíve bought a used dodge ram directly from the owner, you can begin your search for dodge ram parts on the Internet. You may find that there are more dodge ram parts for sale on the Internet than you knew existed. This is because dodge sells a lot of extra parts that donít come with the standard dodge ram when you buy it, unless you specifically ask for them. If you order a dodge ram with dodge ram accessories, youíll pay extra for them. Sometimes itís worth checking out what dodge ram accessories are available because you might find some of them very useful. There are dodge ram accessories that can make your dodge ram more suited to your particular work or hobbies. If you enjoy sailing, you might look into some sort of dodge ram hook-up that would allow you to pull a boat behind your dodge ram. If, on the other hand, you carry a lot of lumber in your dodge ram, you might find some sort of dodge ram accessories that would make the job easier. Some of the accessories you can buy for your dodge ram v10 are purely for aesthetics, such as the dodge ram trim accessories. Be careful when buying accessories to check what theyíre made of. Some dodge ram accessories may look like chrome when you see them in a picture but are actually made out of plastic. What can be misleading is if a dodge ram accessory is called chrome, referring to the colour rather than the material itís made from.

Dodge Ram performance

Most dodge ram drivers are satisfied with the dodge ram performance, although some say they have a hard time getting the automatic dodge ram started. If youíre thinking about buying a dodge ram but youíd like to learn more about dodge ram performance, the best way to find out is to borrow a dodge ram from a friend for a week to get a feel for the truck. If you donít have a friend with a dodge ram whoís willing to lend it to you for a week, you might consider renting a dodge ram for a while. If you go to a dodge ram dealership, they will no doubt let you test drive your dodge ram before you buy it, but sometimes a few minutes of careful driving is not enough to get a real feel for the truck. If you borrow a friendís truck and take it out for a proper trip, youíll get a better idea of dodge ram performance.