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no matter what reality throws in your face, no matter how hard life seems to be, there are a few people out there who will keep on dreaming out loud. {;}they dream dreams of love, poetry, fantasy, faeries, music, art, skies, stars, moonbeams, sunsets, flowers....{;}they have the power and will to keep on dreaming.{;}at times they are called outcasts, at times they are called weird, at times thay are simply ignored by the mass.{;}we proudly say : we can dream.{;}we do not take the beaten path.{;}we do not accept society's standards.{;}we are refuges in a dream world. {;}and we know that all our dreams can come true

sparkle & fade
journal. poetry. quotes. stuff you don't really want to know about me. :P

Fantasy Realms
A site full of Fantasy pictures, stories, some of my original works and games!

kakru heiso
a personal blog with occasional poetry/prose/fragment entries. (blog will soon be joined with my domain; personal page)

Politics, religion, culture - because language is a virus. Jottings of an academic mom.