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"Life is a challenge, dare it!" Is your life on the edge? Are you in love yet you cannot have him/her for yourself? Have you ever tried to stop "sleepwalking" through life? What do you dream about? How do you handle your "storms" in life? ...there are many questions about life and how we live it. Let us form a community to learn from one another for whatever perspective on life we find ourselves now, we still want to SAIL...DREAM...BELIEVE...LOVE ... LIVE because we dare LIFE!

Anti-Aging Info
This blog provides information about aging and every information available about anti-aging gathered from public domain.

Thousand storms
my rants

Amor Vincit Omnia
it is a web site about me

A personal blog of a Filipina webmaster

Jef Menguin Seminars
Discussion about communication, leadership, and personal growth