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Knitting my way through college.


Dragon's Keep
My adventures as a knitter, and a lesbian parent. This site is all about my adventures in life.

Baxter's the cat, so he doesn't really knit, but I do. See examples, follow design process, find a couple free patterns, a couple of patterns for sale, and random non-knitting stuff.

Yarnatic Enabling yarn addiction everywhere

Hooked on the Needle
Ramblings of one guy, transforming knitting from a hobby to an obsession.

Rantings of a middle-aged, obese-but-working-on-getting healthier woman/wife/mother of six/lawyer/knitter/tenor/alto/Episopalian. In short: a person with an attitude who believes God is a BBL (Big Black ...

The Shag Pile Kennel
Domestically-Challenged Dyke and her Darling deal with Daily Dramas and Dogs armed only with Knitting Needles and Guinness.

Merkin & Aglets
Blogging in a desperate attempt to get myself to finish something. Anything!

Horse Country Yarns
Hunt Country Yarns. Handspun and handdyed yarns. Knitting, Spinning and Riding Horses in Virginia.

Eat Sts
Eric and Tony share their knitting projects with the world and sometimes Eric goes off on a tangent.

Frank Notes

The Knit Pirate
Just a lesbian knitter attending university who thinks she's a pirate. An all-American girl, really.

Cynical Knitting Gal
Cynical Gal takes her name in a reverse sort of way...it came about because one of her earliest posts was about Santa and her hope to always believe which was thwarted by siblings who thought they \"knew.\" In ...

Dark Faery Kisses
Just the blog of an American lesbian who loves to knit and who lives in Canada.

Noolie Knits

stash n' stuff
A SAHM that loves to knit.

Rocking the Starfish
I'm a twenty-two-year-old English-majocommunity, women's and gender studies-minocommunity college student. I'm a passionate feminist and am a strong supporter of GLBT rights. I knit and crochet to de-stress ...

Tempted Hand Painted Yarns
The journey of 2 friends and their knitting and handpainted yarns.

Rebel Knits
Knitting, Spinning, Family, and Friends

Knitted Specks
The ranting and ravings of a woman obsessed with all things fibery.

Cynical Knitting Gal
Musings on knitting, crochet and other crafts...not to mention commentary on day-to-day life.

this is my fiber blog. i'll be posting about knitting, spinning, dying and various projects.

Alma Stoller

Art is the Handmaid of Human Good
I knit, I read and I take pictures. Then I write about it.

Twitchy Knitter
me and my knitting, and some other stuff.


[...Wanderlust Knits...]
A seriously knit-obsessed half-queer, pagan, geek and her evil evil ways.

My site to discuss my love of all fibre crafts!

Itchy Stitchy

My Life as I know it!
Another sarcastic, biting Canadian with pointy sticks.

Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Needles of Doom
Mostly knitting, some quilting, by two friends. Oh, and a bunch of other stuff, too.

Katya'nın Örgü Dünyası
Im a knitter from Turkey.

For the Love of Crafts
A 30-something femme createrix who is often seen running after her little boy or snuzzling with her partner, Kelt, knits, spins, sews and generally crafts herself into the poor house....

Crafty Beaver
Mostly crochet, loom knitting & a little bit about life

knitting, being lesbian, coming out at 46.

Regaining our sanity, one stitch at a time. Life's a Stitch and then you Frog!

The Nocturnal Knit Witch
Knitting, dogs, running with scissors, Yea!

in the midden of nowhere
thoughts on crafts and knitting in particular,sci fi, Star Trek, cats. women's tennis, and anything else I feel like talking about

Over Abundance
I work at Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks in Portland, Oregon. This blog is the story of that abundance.

Pointeshoes Punk Rock And Purl
Where I blog about my knitting, crafts, and life in general.

Andy in Amsterdam
This blog is about my life in Amsterdam, which has to do with working, my relationship, travel, knitting, writing and lots of other little bits.

Bula's Labyrinth

Harsh lessons in what not to knit. (Content is not entirely queer-specific, but blog is run by a queer lady.)

Ladies They Talk About
Jots on the creative process, ersatz brain frippery, being a living room guitar goddess and other charming palaver. ..........a JHKdesign revue..........

Spotcat is my blog featucommunity updates on my etsy shop, reviews of other shops, tips and articles, etc.

Cheshire Cat Knits
The continuing saga of Cheshire Cat Chris\' knitting, designing, and writing,etc. life

Yarn Therapy
Yarn addict posts about knitting and motherhood

Funckie Dunckie Knits
Knitting, Obsession, Life etc. Just me chatting away.

Confessions of a Lazy Knitter
finding balance through creativity