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Click Member link to see site in tvI'm Still Standing
My quirky view on life and how I handle what comes my way. View "MARTA'S WORLD" through my rainbow colored glasses! This is real - I could not make this stuff up! ;) Despite lifes obstacles I'm positively ...

Knit stricken!

Does Anybody Give A Damn?
A neurotic exercise in self-indulgence, featucommunity knitting for the very lazy.

mikknits & crochets, too
Knitting, crocheting blog

The Scattered Gemini
The Random thoughts from one Scattered Gemini. Join me on my whacky daily journey inside the four walls of my home where i live, work and do most of my knitting. It\'s quite a trip. ;)

I hate waiting.

Two labs, two kids, two cats, too many UFO\'s

Ramblings in the world of fiber

Strange iSpace
A creative outlet for my knitting, writing, life experiences, and other artistic avenues. A site that encourages support for lgbt causes and has an air of fun and lightheartedness.

Egads!! Another Knitting Blog
A knitting blog full of projects, musings, vegan pondecommunitys and pictures

Melly's LacePlace
My place to ramble and show you projects that i have done. I do mostly lace knitting and other knitbits (like shawls, socks etc.) in my free time, so be aware..........lol. Oh, before i forget: I will ...

Crafty Andy
I am hoping that this blog will help you and me experience the craft of crochet as well as knitting. In times of silence or turmoil, crochet and knitting continuously help me quiet my mind at my own pace, ...

Bald Sheep

Obsessed in Oakland
My blog is a site where I like to post my knitting projects and about things that are on my mind.

Knitting History
Knitting History is a blog that chronicles my own knitting history,while also recognizing the historic influences on current knitting trends.

knitten ninja
i like to knit. i don\'t have the money for expensive yarn. i make cheap things that are awesome. this is a place for me to keep track of what i have done, in case i give something away in an unforeseen ...

A knitting blog by a crafty tattooed lesbian grad student.

Cuilionn Deilg
A knitblog maintained by a graduate student in English.

Sheepish Annie
My own little spot of the web where I can share my thoughts of all things fiber...and anything else that strikes my fancy

Does a bear knit in the woods?
Norskybear\'s queer, little knitting blog with some rugby thrown in to even things out...

Cyn's Corner
My collection of my crafts and some interesting sites.

C in DC
Iím a 25-year-old girl living and working in Washington DC with my girlfriend and our two cats. My blog focuses mostly on my knitting and cooking exploits.

A site where I discuss my knitting, both hand and machine, my dogs, and the issues surrounding surviving child abuse.

From wooly minds come wooly thoughts. Knitting, spinning, life, politics, and other bits of fluff.

In Deep Like Me

aut disce aut discedere

Glitz Knits
Transeuropean adventures in neurotic fibrosis.

knitting journal

Join the Round
This is my Bloggity-blog about knitting and purling, making socks and other needle-worked goodies...

Knittin' Cacher
This is a blog about fiber, knitting, finding treasure and my life in Tucson, AZ.

The Mad Knitter
A blog mostly about knitting, some about being a mom to four kids, and anything else that piques my interest

Lick My Sticks
Another twenty-something knitting with a bad attitude.

Subversive Lesbian Anarchist Knitter
I knit. I sew. I crochet. I love tattoos and I'm a queer rockabilly-punk-femme.

That is so Queer
I'm a queer Jewish knitter/crocheter/spinner legally married to a lovely gay man in a biker gang.

The adventures of the silver bullet
Things I have made. Things I have done. Random ramblings. And of course, the adventures of the silver bullet - my beloved bike.

a quiet gay guy's journalling of his adventures in various forms of stitchwork (knit, crochet, cross stitch, needlepoint) and gardening.

Forks and Needles
A blog about knitting and eating in St. Louis.

Significant Nothings

mainly pix of knitting projects and my life here in st. john's, newfoundland, canada

Crouching Knitter, Hidden Spinner
Personal art blog on knitting, fiber art, some spinning, weaving.

The Stcommunity and I
Where I document my facination with all things fiber. Spinning, knitting, weaving, felting and prepacommunity fiber to become something else. Like Deborah Kerr, caught up by Yul Brenner into a consuming ...

Knit Twits
Our knitting adventures with critiques by our furry daughter Frankie.

WoolGatherer, a refugee from the ivory tower of academe, is a mild-mannered cube-dweller in an obscure cul-de-sac of a Fortune 500 company; he knits, he purls, he writes, he plots his rise to greatnes ...

I journal of obsessive crafting.

For men who knit living on Long Island.

Du's Knitting Blog
A male knitter, crafter and crocheter in KC, MO.

Images of knitting, spinning, sheep, shepherds, and more, with the occasional bit of discussion.


A blog about knitting and other stuff, but mostly about knitting

Knitting is my Boyfriend
The knitting/life blog of a 20-something graduate student living and loving in Ottawa, Ontario.