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This community is created for women of color who are on the world wide web. THIS MEANS ALL WOMEN OF ALL COLORS.If you have a website and you are a woman this group is created for you. All women are welcome here.

Jani, Queen of My World
Come join me in My World. Relax, take a deep breath, and get lost for a while....{;}

Fairy Sparkle's Special Realm
A warm loving realm of faery's & beauty ...i have a free for all links page & it's an ever growing realm...fly by & see...{;}

Jennifer Queen of Psalms
A Blessing in singing for the Lord

Queen Lady Kat
A bit about my internet groups, endangered species, dolphins and memorials to my mother and 9/11

brenda queen of green
my site is bilingual English and German{;}I publish a variety of things in those 2 languages. Jokes Stories poetry recipes etc. {;}{;}{;}

A more based to fantasy themed site with alot of miscellaneous stuffs such as awards to win, dolls for adoption, infos on faeries and such ... {;}

Sami Queen of Rainbows
My site is full off things I love, my family, rainbow's, elephants, poetry pages of dedications and causes and spiritual inspiration, quite alot of 'stuff' really!{;}

The Queens Forum
a forum for the queens{;}

Crystal Unicorn
Hello my site has many pages to see I have over 70 pages to my web site from uncorns to poems also doll awards and much more.

An Elegant Web Design
Web Design with a difference. Includes an online Buying Club where Freshwater Group Members can purchase high quality, guaranteed products at just over COST Prices, delivered directly to your door Worldwide. ...

Joanne Queen of Angels
{;}a personal home page

Queen Of Teal
A site devoted to the charmed ones ( the WB tv show charmed) with tons of games,info,pics and lots more!!

Queen of Signatures
A work in progress. A little of this and that. {;}

Our Love
Romantic, Fantasy, Teddies, Awards, Love and many more. Look in and enjoy it.{;}

Beverly's Profile
this site is my beginning of the process of weightloss surgery

Queen Of Red Dragons
{;}We are an artist's cooperative and gallery for fine arts on the web.

~*~ Queen of By Angel Smile Net ~*~
~*~By Angel Smile Net~*~ - is the inspicommunity site for people of different ages and cultures. {;}This is the starting point for several web realms created by me. {;}My Designs features my linkware and ...

Sunshine's Homepage
Family, fun, psp, portfolio, clean jokes{;}

Queen Of The Pixies
{;}A site about me,orginial poetry/stories,banner exchange,win my awards etc.

Queen Of Many Angels
Memorial for our angels,communitys, graphics,websets,certificates,poems and much more{;}

Gina Queen of Fairy
The fantasy art of Gina Marie.{;}Original, One of Kind Fine Art Dolls, and more.{;}

family site just starting out. we are surviors of suicide,some help links,moon facts,just a lot of interesting stuff. lol{;}

Den of the Wytewyntrwolf
total desktop customization with themes, screensavers, icons and cursors and winamp skinz. My dark themes page contains snippets of some of my darker poetry.{;}

Sarah Queen of Blue
All about my family and myself. {;}

Queen of the Cowell Family
{;}A family website with photos, poetry, orbs, star trek humour and much more!