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This is the original QAF community. Here you will find all the information, pictures, sounds, discussions, fan fiction, and anything else that is related to the show Queer As Folk . We are based on the North American version of the show so please make sure your site has atleast some content of the NA QAF show. Sites devoted to specific characters are also welcome.

Always be you
English and Spanish page, Pics, Vids, News, Questions, Wallpapers, Skins and More.

Made For Each Other
THE site for shippers of Michael Novotny and Emmett Honeycutt!

Heart Of A Superhero
A fan site for the character of Michael Novotny. Pictures, animations and fan art can be found here!{;}

hOnEyBeE's QAF Fan Fic Site
A brand spanking new QAF Fan Fic site...growing everyday.

Always: Brian and Michael
{;}This is a website for every Brian and Michael fan! It has all your favorite B/M fan fics, pictures, quotes, fan art and more! It is not your average fan fic site!

Drama Princess
Fanfiction dedicated to U.S. "Queer As Folk."

Queer As Folk The Darkside
Fan Fic,Info,Pics,Links and much more so come on in and cross over to the Darkside!{;}

Always Have Always Will
This is a shipper shite dedicated to Brian and Michael of Queer as Folk.

Simply Divine
This site is for the fans of the stylish dancing queen Emmett Honeycutt of Queer As Folk!

The Mouse's House
I have an eclectic writing style and enjoy using all the QaF characters in my stories. My site contains QaF fics of just about every paicommunity, rating, and description imaginable.

DC Dykes.com - Melanie & Lindsay Multimedia
Melanie & Lindsay (a.k.a. Michelle Clunie & Thea Gill), screen captures, sounds, comments, Winamp Skins and video interviews.

'Neath The Pale Moonlight
A humble site dedicated to the relationship between Brian and Justin. {;}

The Ted and Emmett Webpage
A growing site (aren't they all?) devoted to QAF at large and specifically the characters of Ted and Emmett, and the fabulous actors who bcommunity them to life! Site offers unique pictures, quote collection ...

Queer As Folk Fan Canada
This site is always under construction because new things are always added! Join us in our online chat room or take part in the various polls. Soa many things to do, and hey meet great friends!

Queer As Folk Community
Queer as Folk, Showtime's controversial television series fascinated America, captivating its growing number of avid fans every Sunday night! Commonly known as QAF, the series is closely based on the popular ...

Updated *Slighty Behind* Guide
Sorry this guide is slighty behind, but it's pretty close. Visit for laughs!