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This community is designed to bcommunity together the websites and people in the Plone, Python and Zope communities.

Chris Gonnerman's Projects Homepage
Several Python (and some non-Python) open source projects, including Red/Black Tree implementation, a Unix/Linux passwd file module, my Web Publishing tools, etc.

Skip's Python Bits
Various bits of Python code I've{;}collected or written and released over{;}the years...{;}

TcheZope - A Querência do Zope
Site da comunidade Zope brasileira, com traduções da documentação, downloads, referências para grande parte da documentação do Zope e informações em geral sobre o Zope, em português.

iuveno AG
The most interesting part of our website for people interested in Zope/Python is the iuveno AG Zope projects homepage. There you can try our open-source Zope products, download them, get information, documentation, ...

Python Power Page
It is just a page with the best links I know about Python, all set up in a tidy and handy way. Very useful for searching the doc while programming.