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supporting the awareness and treatment of clinical depression

Frantic Writer
{;}the writings of a teenage girl with depression (me). and other stuff.

manic depression
a portfolio of my poetry, graphic design, and editorials, written out of depression and suicidal tendencies.

goddess in sheeps clothing
{;}personal contradiction

Odds and Ends
A web journal full of my rambling thoughts{;}


Prototype Carbon
anime, manga, carbon, ryoko, spiffy, blog, me, katelyn, junk{;}

its so hard for me to understand why
in silence

just a place
{;}personal page, links, poems, art

Peace Manor
Inspiration for a person who has had clinical depression since she was a teen. Also, on other pages are photos of my collections - Barbie, Breyer Model Horses, Pooh, TY, Boyds Bears, Annette Funicello ...

Butterfly Cutters
Maybe i'm just crazy, but the world won't stop spinning!

Sing It
{;}A site that I started that has poetry and stories on it

Eso que llaman mi vida
Weblog de una treintaņera viviendo sola.{;}Spanish 30sth blogger who lives on her own.

Ana Dreams
This is a small (but growing) pro ana website. Information on the disorder, tips, message board. This site is only for people who already share their lives with ed, not for those looking to find out h ...

Party of One
Life of a bipolar girl who is on way too much medication.