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VanoraSpcommunity Presents: Life
A site dedicated to ending *all* forms of violence!!{;}Learning to love yourself in order to love others!

My site is dedicated to all animals & pets, Their rights & causes that support their safety. My cats are feral cats & they are on my site too. Communitys, banner exchange, awards to apply for & more

Come visit the Miss Minnie and Her Menagerie! {;}See the Orphan Kitties and the Beanie Kitty Fashion Show! {;}Learn about kitties with Diabetes like my "Sweet" Miss Minnie. {;}

Formerly Ferals of Peke Avenue
Meet Lady Midnight, Calli Victoria and Carolina, three wild feral cats who were{;}trapped, spayed and tamed and are now lazy spoiled pets. Additionally, there are other strays, Pal and Stormi and the ...

Meower Power Feral Cat Coalition
Meower Power is a Hampton Road, non-profic organization, dedicated to the humane feral cat colony maintenace, using the trap/neuter/return progam

Warm Fuzzy's
WarmFuzzy's is currently involved in a large feral cat colony project.  We participate in the trap, alter & release program. The web site provides information regarding ferals and the TAR program.

Helping to Heal the Earth
Helping to heal the earth using the methods of Peace, Harmony, and Kindness in our lives.

My Little Angels
Site dedicated to stopping child abuse.

Puddy Tat and Tigger Too
About my four furries plus stories, poems, photos, graphics, health tips, animal welfare and anti-cruelty pages, and more.

This is a family, community, prayer, healing, animal rescue and sanctuary.(almost all rescued cats will stay forever). An animal healing arts will soon be added.

Sue's Furry Family
My site talks about my pets, my volunteer work at an animal shelter with animal shelter stories, rescue info, petloss.

TexasPepper's Home Page
Family rated personal website with stories and pix of my 22 cats, both present and deeply missed, my kids, Texas, vegetarian recipes, causes, memorials and so much more. My late, great Sammy was a feral ...

Two Tuxedo Cats
Our site is about Mimi, Muffin, & Molly the tuxedo cats. We have our own club for naughty kitties & communitys to join. We're a member of "Communitys For A Cause" and manage the "An Indoor Cat, Is A Safe ...

virginia's Animal House
This site is about homeless cats and dogs that have been taken in and loved. There are also poems, stories, photos, graphics, memorials, communitys, and more. We promote spay or neuter, and adoption ...

Noir's Den
hey hairball, com sea fur yerself!

Jacqlee (The Cat Lady)
My four rescued cats ~ Sam, Delilah, Isabella and Leslie Anne ~ all help me promote and support stray and shelter adoption, bcommunitying an alley cat home, spay/neuter, feral cat rescue and management, ...

Rory's Story
The story of one feral kitten who was adopted and lives a happy, comfortable life now!

Save a Dog, Save a Cat
We are a rescue organization committed to saving the lives of dogs and cats by finding them loving homes.

Street Cat Welfare
Small local group offecommunity shelter for stray, feral and unwanted cats and kittens. Homes needed. London, England, UK

RC the cat and her cohorts open Rotten Enterpurz.Puzzles,{;}Postcards and more. Who and what is a BeBeast? and is it related to Da Bug? Find out here.

Kokers' Page
A site about granny, her furkids, Cody story and how it inspired a little girl in the hospital(Cody's little girl). Important causes, spay/neuter info, declawing info(educate..don't amputate)..banner links, ...

Jess' Cat Page
A comfortable website for ailurophiles. Includes cat quotes, poems, links and insights in a warm Victorian atmosphere.

Cats, Kittens And More
All the info you need to help care for and/or raise your cat/kitten and more!!!

Cosette's Lair
The homepage of Madelynne, Lestat, Cleo, Sagittarius, Cosette and Tasha. Pet contests for dogs and cats, stray and shelter pets club, animal rights pages, communitys to join, and more.

{;}Meet the furbabies in stories and pics. We strongly promote animal rights, spay/neuter and adopting strays. Visit our special Rainbow Bridge section and the memorials to our own furangels. Apply for ...