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Click Member link to see site in tvJim Sieffert's Page - Pro-Life
This is a personal web page describing my views on abortion and presenting my parents testimony regarding the circumstances of my early life.

Jo Jo's Home
{;}General Homepage with information on Adult Children of Alcoholics, Abortion, Free Graphics, Friendship Hearts, and Several Awards to offer.

Doscyple's Temple
{;}Pro-Life page

My Daddy Loves Me
Homepage for Zephaniah 3:17 Ministries, bcommunitying God's music to God's people promoting the Love of God for every individual.{;}

Why NOT the BIG Tax Cut?
{;}politics but also touches on important issues such as abortion.

Melissa Canchola's Website
My personal website with free classified ads.{;}

Life Line
Helping women in crisis pregnancies to choose life.{;}

Conservative Matchmaker
Helping politically conservative singles meet other politically conservative singles from all over the country! Free membership provides chat, message board, and event calendar.

A Cry For The Children
These are my views on abortion. I hope you will consider them!{;}

My Angel Ariel
Memorials for my daughters Ariel and Catherine who both had anencephaly

Scripps Ranch High School Teenage Republicans
The Offical Webpage of the Scripps Ranch Teenage Republicans, a Conservative Club in a Liberal World!{;}

Adoption not abortion - Hope, Help, & Healing, Inc.
We provide FREE pregnancy, adoptive, counseling, and life-care services to pregnant women, ages 11-22.Abortion is never an option. www.hhhinc.tripod.com

Mothecommunity Heart
I am a single woman TTC my first child. This is where I house my thoughts, fears, expectations, and hopes.

Patrotic, Christian and Pro Life{;}

Wayne County, MI Rock for Life
Wayne County, MI Rock for Life Chapter, where students(ages 11-30) can unite through music. We throw concerts to promote the culture of life to show the world that we do care about the 33% of our generation ...

The real impact of abortion on the women who choose it.

Pro-Life Defense
Replies to Abortion slogans.{;}

A Voice of Reason
Christian apologetics. Dedicated to knowing the One True God, what He really expects from us, and shacommunity that information with as many as will listen.{;}

Keeping up with the news related to this "Bill" - that so-far has done nothing but put a Nice name on What is STILL LEGALIZING PBA's & Passing it on to those who are being duped into believing that ANYTHING ...

Abortion, Murder not a choice
to show the dangers to women from abortion and to give people a first hand look at the result of abortion.

The personal blog of a 32 year old wife and wanna-be mom. My husband and I recently finished the RCIA course and are awaiting entrance into the church once the annulment of my first marriage is complete. ...

Crystal\'s Page
My personal website Psp,games,graphics ect

My world...my kind of thinking. And to support missing children, and pro-life, and other importent inssues.

United for Life
Raising greater awareness of human life issues from a Christian pro-life pro-family perspective.

Bike for Life
Bike for Life is a web site that raises funds to help homes for unwed mothers. To give them a safe alternative to abortion.

Yellow Rose of Texas - Welcome to The Western White House
A fun, Family site. Children -- come and color a Picture of the President, and Join the list of Kids supporting President Bush. Great Youth page -- see Who is getting in on this election! Parents -- see ...

Mary Beth\'s Corner
A website dedicated to the uplifting of other Christian women and about what I believe.

Musings of a Pro-Life Catholic Nutjob
Hilarity ensues when a Star Wars-loving, Chesterton-reading, Beatles-obsessed, Pro-Life, Catholic NYU student takes advantage of free web space.

The Horrific Truths of Abortion
A brief explanation including scientific evidence of why abortion is absolutely wrong.

My Brother Billy
A tribute to my brother who was lost to abortion in 1989.

A Voice for the Unborn
This site seeks to be a voice for those who have no voice: unborn children, recognizing that the two victims of abortion (unborn children and their mothers) need our protection and love.

Giving a voice to the unborn
Abortion education

On the wings of a prayer
This site was made to show the love that Jesus has for the unborn child. It has Bible verses & poems that are pro life. Has lots of angel, and baby animated gifs. May God Bless You!

Tremendous Trifles
The place to be when there is something else you should be doing.

Honesty\'s Home
Honesty\'s Home is a site that urges Christians to know about and be involved in today\'s moral issues. It is a patriotic site as well as a place of refuge and hope. All pages are based on the \"truth\" ...

protecting life is a social reponsibility for all of us
Pro-Life and abortion prayer, Lord Have Mecry. A brief definition of abortion and pictures of aborted children. How to good care of your unborn child. Things to advoid ducommunity pregnancy.

Romans Road End Time Ministries
Romans Road End Time Ministries is a Ministry of help. Our calling is to help you spared the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Lifebeat
Pro-life site

KevinLauer.com - Reagan & Stem Cell Research
A commentary on embryonic stem-cell research in relation to the death of President Ronald Reagan. www.KevinLauer.com

New Life New Beginnings
We are a family who feels called to travel throughout America with the message of the Sanctity of Human Life and the truth about abortion.

The Beauty of Motherhood
Writings, photos, information and more, on the joy of being a mother. Also includes the story of my daughter\'s birth, and reasons why I am pro-life.

Loving Christian couple wishing to OPENLY adopt. We are a young couple in our 30\'s wishing to adopt. We offer love, stability and security. Mom is a STAY AT HOME MOM and former teacher. Dad is an attentive ...

Confessions of a Hot Carmel Sundae
A hodgepodge of reflections and views from a conservative, pro-life, happily married Catholic mother of almost 7.

Life Issues
Links to prolife sites, ex-homosexual ministries, adoption organizations, anti-euthanasia links, sex offender registry

A city set on a hilltop cannot be hidden. This is my place to be silly & outspoken. To have my say and to pray that it sounds better in the morning. My dream is to be a saint.This site contains blatent ...

National Pro-Life Registry
The National Pro-Life Registry aims to become the largest web portal to all pro-life organizations and sites. Besides offecommunity group registrations, it also allows proudly pro-life people to go on ...

Kanawha County Right to Life
The Kanawha County Right to Life website provides information and links to a wide range of pro-life resources.

Abortion Is My Anti Drug
A Pro Life Website with tons of abortion information.

Gospel Web
The Gospel Web has thousands of items including ProLife, Devotions, Sermons, American Values and Culture War, peace thru strength, patiotism, Christian morals, exposes Pro-Aborts , liberals perfidy, and ...

Confessions of a Crazy Schoolmarm
The world as I know it, as a Catholic pro-lifer!