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Rightgrrl! is a meeting ground for conservative and pro-life women!

The View From Outside
My views as a Christian Pro-Life Feminist.

1st Way Pregnancy Support Services
Our purpose is to advise women of their alternatives to abortion. 1st Way provides a free and confidential pregnancy test. If the client decides to keep her baby, we offer support in various ways including ...

en pro de vida - A 'BATR' Site
Life is a Gift, the debate has been won!{;}Only those who deny the undenialable are left defending the indefensible . . .{;}BREAKING ALL THE RULES, the parent site for HOPE and en pro de vida, offers political ...

Respect Life
Information on health, the law, religion, and more in relation to the evils of abortion.

The Ascended Masters Speak on the Subject of Abortion
A compilation of the statements that the Ascended Masters have made on the subject of abortion. Absolutely pro-life.{;}

Shari's Garden Hideaway
{;}A celebration of God's creation and life.

The Bridge to Life, Inc.
The Bridge to Life, Inc. is a non-judgmental, non-sectarian, and apolitical organization dedicated to offecommunity women and men the resources they need to choose life! We help all who come to us regardless ...

Patriot's Voice
My web site deals with political and social issues from a conservative as well as a Christian perspective. The actual site name is Patriot's Corner, that is the name of the main home page. From there the ...

My Pro-Life Page
This page is still being worked on & added to. I plan to have the page at least 99% done in the next week or so. I have 1 picture of an aborted fetus at 10 weeks. I deliberatly chose this pic b/c it ...

Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians
The Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians{;}began in 1990 as local groups in Washington DC and Minneapolis. At first it was called {;}"Gays Against Abortion," but the name was changed in early 1991 to ...

A Roadside Shrine
What makes the greatest human being? Decency, of course! This roadside shrine is dedicated to the enlightenment of all beings.

Abortion: Politically Correct, Morally Incorrect; When does life begin?
This is a story that I wrote for my school newspaper. It tells my standpoint on abortion. Please help stop the murder of innocent babies!!

Barbara's Homepage
My pro life pages are mainly about the situation in Germany. It contains links to pro life sites in many countries, especially in Europe. All pages are available in English and German.

ONE WAY - Which Way Are You Going?
This site will lead you in the right direction concerning choices regarding abortion, abuse, depression, rape, suicide etc. God loves you and has a plan for your life.{;}

My Views as a Pro-Life Woman
My personal view on why I am pro-life, which includes facts and ideas that people may not have considered before.

In Memory of Mother Teresa
A page dedicated to Mother Teresa, a great humanitarian and pro-life advocate

The Infanticide/Abortion Link - the Dehumanization of Infants
An essay describing the relationship between abortion and infanticide

Pro-Woman Pro-Life
A site dedicated to the pro-life viewpoint, including, but not limited to pro-life feminism ideas, links to pro-life resources, and stories from women who have regretted an abortion or elected not to abort. ...

Carol's Home Page
My site is family oriented and dedicated to restocommunity the values on which this nation was founded and that made it what it WAS, not what it is.{;}

The Camel Stop "ProLife"
A web site dedicated to the aborted babies of the world.{;}

Men For Life
A site that encourages Christian principles in parenting & men/women speaking out against abortion. Updated bi-monthly.{;}

Uncommon Sense, Conservative Politics.
{;}Common Sense has become far too uncommon. This is my attempt to {;}Inform people, inspire informed patriotism, and provide an easy method of accessing a {;}Variety of sites where additional accurate ...

Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League
The Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League (AAPL) is an online organization of nontheistic and nonreligious pro-life/anti-abortion advocates "because life is all there is and all that matters, and abortion ...

Matt Wallace's The Compleat Heretic
The personal web site of an economic and social conservative, Republican, moral traditionalist, pro-life, Army veteran, Secular Humanist atheist. Life is all there is and all that matters; anything that ...

Pro Life Rosary
This site is dedicated to promoting the powerful use of the rosary in helping to end abortion! You will find a pro life rosaries for sale there!{;}

Gospel Web
This site is as near as possible identical with our other "Gospel Web" running on a different server. It contains ProLife, Patriotic, and religious materials, many touching quotes and illustrations, good ...

Choose Life
Pro-Life Links & Info{;}

Diana's Little Spot In Cyber Space
Very educational site about abortion, but the site contains more than just abortion info. It is my prayer that you'll visit and be blessed!

Christmas time !!
We must change the culture in which we live, to make people all over the world think about an absolute respect for the sanctity of innocent human life.

Seghea - Pro-life Feminism
This site focuses on pro-life feminism, and explains the reasons why abortion interferes with attempts to promote women's rights and the safety of women. It contains original essays by the cofounder of ...

Jan's Place
My site includes pages about my wonderful hubby, my 3 kids, my Mom, our pets, my faith, and, of course, my beliefs: hence my pro-;ife page!{;}

Rochester Area Right to Life
We stand for the protection of innocent human life from conception to natural death. We publish information on abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia to help people make responsible, informed decisions ...

Choose Life!
We are a chapter of Indiana Right to Life. Be informed about life issues, especially the hard truth about abortion. Many links! Help for women considecommunity abortion.

Baptists Against Abortion
{;}We are a Pro-Life group based in the St. Louis area who provides a voice for the unborn Babies.

Save The Baby Humans--Pregnancy Help
This website provides information, support, and individual counseling for a woman with an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy.{;}

Expressions of Grace
{;}This is a website containing poetry, journal entries, stories, and other writings with the goal of encouraging inspicommunity and entertaining others.

Tom's Pro-Life News and Christian Website
I have proLife news (updates regularly), Pro-Life articles and links to other Prolife sites.

CyberSpace Community Church
Presenting Jesus Christ in a Bibical Manner, speaking Truth about Him based on historical orthodox Christianity, using un-orthodox methods -- the Internet. A independent web-based church - standing proud ...

Circuit Rider's Range
Circuit Rider's Range is a strange blend of personal experience, humor, and controversial moral, social, political, and church issues of the day. You will meet such personalities as Theo, Alvin, Stinky, ...

Leftout: A Haven for Progressive Pro-Lifers
A site for people who believe that liberal philosophy precludes discrimination against ANY member of the{;}human family, including the youngest of us.

Anouk's memorial
A memorial to my daughter Anouk, who was diagnosed at 22 weeks with anencephaly. We went full term and were blessed with 13 wonderful hours of life after her birth.{;}

Gospel Gate
Planned to promote ProLife, conservative Christian morals, and Patriotism, Devotions, Sermons, Humor, also Youth and Seniors sections and Bible stories.{;}

Laz's Issues and Causes
We often hear the cries of unborn children...but do we listen??? This poem was sent to me from my 13 yr old daughter and it touched my heart so I wanted to share it with you also.

Who Will Hear The Baby
{;}A pro life song giving Jesus the glory for heacommunity the babies murdered by abortion.

Is Abortion The Right Choice For You
The truth about abortion uncovecommunity the myths. My own story as a single mom who did not abort and did not allow the "father" to convince me to even though he walked away.{;}

Holly's World
Personal website with my interests, hobbies and info on issues I support (mainly GOP links).

Students for Life
Students for Life is a Pro-Life, Christian website for everyone (especially students :){;}

The Catholic Truth Pro Life
A site dedicated to defending the life of the unborn children and giveing to the choice to live.{;}

Voice For The Unborn
Voice For The Unborn, A Pro-Life Newsletter