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Community about the British TV program The Professionals. The crack team of Bodie and Doyle foil criminals from all walks of life under the leadership of George Cowley.

Kitty's House of Pleasure...And Pain
Slash stories by Kitty Fisher, mainly Smallville, The Professionals, Sharpe, Highlander, etc.

Tauna's Bodie & Doyle Fan Fiction
Pictures, Screen caps from the dvds, slash fiction and whatever else I can fit in there to showcase the lovely Bodie and the unbuttoned Doyle!

Welcome to Elsa's CI5 stories
A fanfiction site, dedicated to CI5: the Professionals and CI5: the New Professionals with stories of Bodie, Doyle, Cowley and Curtis, Keel, Backup and Malone. New stories added regularly - sorry, no ...

CI5 Addict
Professionals hobby site - Desktop wallpapers, high quality pictures, article scans and stuff from the actor's other roles.

Professionals Community Home Page
You're here! This is the Professionals Community home page. Sign up, now!

Cat's Professional Page
Biographies and links pages.

Red Wolf's Professionals Episode Guide
Complete episode guide with summaries, quotes and a crosslinked cast list. If you want to find out what episodes people have worked on (and what else they've done) look no further.

Azurite's Bodie and Doyle Pages
Pictures and commentary about "The Professionals", an episode guide, and pages devoted to Bodie, Doyle and Cowley, with links.

The Last Horizon
TV/Film related memorabilia including one dedicated to The Professionals as well as Starsky & Hutch, New Avengers, Man From U.N.C.L.E. plus lots more.

Alison's Jottings
Fan fiction site (mainy slash) and recommendation site (mainly slash and gen) for Stargate SG-1, X-Files, Ultraviolet and The Professionals.

A lad's Professionals site
Fun site including episode guide, Capri page, commentary and pithy remarks!

CI5 Finest - Bodie & Doyle
A Professionals Fan website of the British Crime TV Show from the seventies/eighties, starring Lewis Collins as Agent 37 aka Bodie and Martin Shaw as Agent 45 aka Ray Doyle, who are working for CI5. They ...