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The *new* Pro-Choice Community! Connecting pro-choice people around the web including small organizations and some bigger ones. Currently I am being flooded with spam sign ups so I have closed the community until CommunitySurf can address the issue. Please contact me via gmail if you have any questions or concerns. My id is roniweb. Thank you.

Daria's Page
Come find out why I'm pro-choice! Meet me, my family and friends and pets, learn about science and Romania, take a look at my graphics.

~*Great Causes*~
This site is about the causes I believe in. I have many but here are a few that important to me. Please take the time to visit each site. Come back soon!

Spiral into Never
Personal site with info on pro-choice activism, poetry, and home to the Jezebel's Jinx and Capricorn Goddess communitys.

wicked thoughts
feminist (a pro-choice one), artist & fat activist.

Alinda's Lake Palace
The lost girl's site: words, sounds, images

Bets's Zoo and Gardens
Shamelessly agitating to piss off the (not!) religious right... Promoting tolerance, womens rights, separation of church and state, and good people-lovin' liberalism

Uppity Wimmin Unlimited
Uppity Wimmin Unlimited is an organization in the making which works to achieve equality for women and all the citizens of our global community, fight intolerance, poverty and violence, and promotes the ...

Your Nonconformists Are All Alike
A site about nonconformism and life in general... music, books, feminism, and pacifism

Valkyrie's Dr. Who Tattoo & Vegetarian Recipes
A site that has grown way beyond its original title components to include family and friends, Oberstein (my hometown in Germany), the cat's own site, an ever-growing collection of legends, sagas and fairy ...

Pro-Choice Community Homepage
Home of the Pro-Choice Community!! :D

my life is more than a vision
My personal site has information on me, my causes (mainly feminist, pro-choice, and human rights), my music, my academic interests, and my travels.

Anti-Racist Action Edmonton
Anti-Racist Action Edmonton is a anti-racist organisation which fights racism, sexism, fascism, homophobiaism, and various other types of isms.

EcoLiving Center

EcoChoices Community
The original online community of cultural creatives. People interested in building their local communities, social responsibility, politics, families, cacommunity for the environment, social issues, traveling, ...

These Automatic Flowers Won't Do
The online journal of a teenaged girl. Themes include feminism, politics, and literature. Site also includes poetry, lists, and a rant page.

My Story
My life as a pregnant teen.

Tanya Zanetti's One Stop Anti-abortion Shop
A parody of all those anti-choice sites on the net

Ladylazarusplath's Feminst Website
This site is about feminism, so come check it out.

Cafe Maru
A personal site/collective/domain filled with stuff to do!

Newcomer Family's Home on the Web
The home on the web of a 29yo SAHM who is just slightly different from your normal SAHMs.{;}

Cabaret 4 Choice is an independently-produced Cabaret performance and CD to raise awareness about women's right to choose, with proceeds to benefit various agencies and organizations that support freedom ...

Jennica's ~ World
I am pro-choice for believing in what you want to believe and not letting anyone tell you how to be and what to be. My site is about my faith (Wicca) and I would like to share it with you.{;}Blessed ~ ...

Side View of the Life of a Grrrl Geek
Incessant emo ramblings of a punk dyke.

Why I Am Pro-Choice
How the pro-choice position is deeply rooted in moral principles: it is pro-woman and pro-child. Also: speech excerpts and photos from the MARCH FOR WOMEN'S LIVES, 25 April 2004, Washington, D.C.

when you're not around threesomes aren't normal
I'm 22, a first year PhD student, but I wonder whether I should quit to become an activist every other day. I'm bisexual, feminist, agnostic/atheist (depending upon epistemological view I'm thinking about ...